Dr Zein Obagi

Dr. Obagi developed the concept of Skin Health Restoration and the standard by which skin conditions can be successfully treated regardless of skin colour or age.

An internationally renowned educator and research physician, Dr. Obagi is the leading authority with respect to skin health. Dr. Obagi's systems (Nu-Derm®, C® Rx, ClenziDerm™, & Rosaclear™, under Obagi Medical Products) are the world's leading physician dispensed product lines. With the invention of the Obagi® Medium Depth and Obagi® Blue Peel, Dr. Obagi removed the variables that make conventional chemical peels risky, making it possible to treat all skin types and colour without discrimination. Together his systems for Skin Health Restoration have broad application for conditions untreatable before by conventional methods with the added safety of being performed on all skin colours, including Asian, Hispanic, and African-American skin types.

Dr. Obagi is the founder of skin health science that is the gold standard in dermatology to treat and rejuvenate the skin, going beyond the skin surface to target skin at the cellular level for total skin activation and renewal. Dr. Obagi's established approach to skin health restoration and rejuvenation is relied upon by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and patients around the world. He authored "Obagi Skin Health-Restoration and Rejuvenation," Springer, 1999, utilised by physicians and medical schools internationally.

Dr. Obagi has and continues to train thousands of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and cosmetic surgeons around the world via medical symposia, academy courses, guest speaker engagements, and onsite private training sessions.

Can You Make Long-Term, Sustainable Changes to Your Skin?


Can You Make Long-Term, Sustainable Changes to Your Skin?

A Drs recommended approach to skincare which produces lasting changes to your skin and is not just a temporary cosmetic cover-up. Sounds good to us!