Dr Gurs Sehmi

I qualified as a Dentist in 2006, from Kings College, London. For the last 5 years, I have exclusively practised cosmetic dentistry, helping my clients to dramatically improve their smiles.”

There are so many treatment options available in modern cosmetic dentistry. Between myself, and the close team I work with, we find ideal solutions for everyone who is looking to safely improve their smile, without compromising the health of their mouth.

Smile Design is an art as much as it is a science, and there is no one smile that ‘fits all’. I pride myself on customising a smile that perfectly suits you, some people have big teeth, some have small teeth, some are more round, others are square. Your smile is unique to you, and the methods I use to craft your smile will mean that the end result will look excellent and natural.

Dental Tooth Tattoos, the Latest Extreme Body Art?


Dental Tooth Tattoos, the Latest Extreme Body Art?

Have you run out of space on your skin? Well, maybe it's time to consider a tattoo on your teeth! Tooth tattoos are becoming an emerging trend...