Dimple Raja

Dimple Raja is a specialist in all areas of medical negligence and dental negligence.

She has handled a wide variety of clinical negligence and dental negligence cases, but has a particular interest in claims relating to birth injuries and the nervous system. She also has experience in fatal accidents and is developing her expertise in gynaecological and oncology cases, particularly the misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of cancer. 

Dimple graduated in Law at De Montfort University in 2006 (LLB (Hons)). University of Law, Birmingham – Legal Practice Course (LPC). She completed her training at the Dental Law Partnership in Nantwich, Cheshire, and qualified as a solicitor in 2011. She joined Neil Hudgell Solicitors in October 2013.

"Clients often come to me not only with fears for their future as a result of their injury, but also often very self-conscious and traumatised by what they have been through. Such cases would include failed mastectomies and injuries that prevent them having close and personal relationships. Nothing I do can change what has happened to my clients, but it is of great satisfaction to me when they receive fair compensation and can look to a future in which they have the financial resources to meet their needs."

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