Are IV Vitamin Drips the Solution to Feeling Run Down?

Lorna Jackson
By Lorna Jackson

Lorna was Editor of Consulting Room (, the UK's largest aesthetic information website, from 2003 to 2021.

Well, one clinic in Cheshire believes so. Dr Martin Kinsella has become the first clinician, through his re-enhance Skin and Body Clinic in Hale, to offer intravenous vitamin drips to combat fatigue and improve health and well-being.

These days, many of us lead very busy lives, juggling hectic work schedules, social diaries and family demands such as small children. Life can be one long race from sunrise to sunset leaving us tired and deflated, affecting us both mentally and physically. Eventually, something is going to give and whether it’s as simple as not functioning as well as you know you can or coming down with coughs and colds because your immune system is at an all-time low and is failing to cope with even minor bugs and viruses, many of us are looking for something as a ‘pick me up’.

Dr Kinsella’s IV treatments (of which there are 3 available) are an intravenous vitamin drip with a cocktail of high doses, water-soluble vitamins and electrolyte-infused saline. The vitamin drip is made up mainly of tailored concentrations of anti-oxidants and vitamins B and C plus electrolytes and trace minerals, as prescribed by Dr Kinsella, with is administered over a period of approximately half an hour whilst the patient relaxes in a dedicated clinic room. A full medical history is taken before the vitamin drip is administered to ensure there are no contra-indications such as allergies or major medical problems. The treatment, which can be personally tailored to suit an individual’s needs is aimed at restoring hydration levels within the body and replenishing depleted stores of vitamins and electrolytes to increase energy and overall health.

Costing £120 per treatment, the IV drips include Health, Party and Sports tailored vitamin drips designed to boost the immune system, give an extra boost to those with busy work and social lives or for professional athletes to aid healing and recovery for muscle damage.

Health vitamin drip
Is a high-dose vitamin C and mineral cocktail to help boost the immune system and is an ideal treatment if you’re feeling particularly under the weather and vulnerable to colds and flu, or if your immune system is run down.

Party vitamin drip
This is designed for those who feel they need that extra boost to keep on top of the game. If you have a series of social events or even just high-pressure weeks at work, this is a high-dose vitamin B complex infusion combined with magnesium to give you that boost and energy you need to continue your schedule.

Sports vitamin drip
This is designed for sports professionals and athletes, this vitamin combination with amino acids can be used in conjunction with your nutrition and exercise regime. There is good evidence that intravenous vitamins especially vitamin C can enhance the healing process. Many professional athletes recognise that intravenous vitamin therapy helps to accelerate healing and recovery. This combined with amino acids gives your muscles the optimum nutrients for recovery, healing and development.

Dr Kinsella is now also integrating this concept into his anti-ageing clinic as part of an anti-ageing or rejuvenation programme whereby a full blood, metabolic and hormone profile is performed on an individual who is receiving other more ‘external’ anti-ageing treatments to establish if the supplementation of a programme of bio-identical hormones and IV vitamins will increase their overall anti-ageing results.

Internal medicine plus anti-ageing treatments, is certainly a trend to keep an eye on.

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