Allergan Partners With Transform for Juvederm Advertising

Lorna Jackson
By Lorna Jackson

Lorna was Editor of Consulting Room (, the UK's largest aesthetic information website, from 2003 to 2021.

Flicking through the YOU magazine supplement, which comes with the Mail on Sunday, at the start of the year, I came across the following full-page advertisement feature.

I thought it was interesting to note that Transform, one of the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery groups was advertising alongside Allergan, the makers of Botox® and Juvéderm ULTRA dermal fillers, in what appears at first glance to be an advertising tie-up.

Allergan partners with Transform for Juvederm advertising
Allergan partners with Transform for Juvederm advertising

Allergan have of course maintained a high profile on- and offline advertising campaign for their Juvéderm ULTRA products over the last couple of years, with direct-to-consumer TV campaigns and magazine adverts directing the public through to their website and online practitioner directory.

This is the first time however that we have noticed what looks like a partnership with a high-profile clinic group from an overall, combined marketing perspective.

When approached regarding this apparent joint venture, a spokesperson for Allergan said;

“Allergan continues to invest in consumer education about dermal fillers through our series of JUVÉDERM ads. However, the two advertisements you have noted were purchased independently by Allergan and by Transform and just happen to appear sequentially in the magazine.”

Oh well, even if it was only a coincidence, I think we can be forgiven for suspecting!

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