Norman Wright

Integrative Psychotherapist MSc, Clin.SW, Clin.Sup

Norman represents the UKCP as one of the BSI Committee Members CH/403 setting standards across the UK and Europe within the Aesthetics Industry championing the importance and necessity of dedicated psychological support for every patient. 

Norman is an Expert Witness exploring and reporting on the Psychological Injuries sustained from Aesthetic and Cosmetic litigation cases.

Norman and his team have over fifteen years’ experience within the cosmetic and aesthetics industry championing patient safety every step of the way. 

Not only has Norman pioneered PaPPS he also delivers PaPPS training to Nurses, Clinicians, Doctors and clinics.

Norman has been nominated for a Safety in Beauty Diamond Award 2016 for his innovative PaPPS Initiative and his continuous championing of patient safety within the aesthetic and cosmetic industry.

Call Norman on 0115 958 2686 and feel free to visit his websites: and


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