Dr. Patrick J. Treacy

Dr. Patrick Treacy is Chairman of the Irish Association of Cosmetic Doctors and Irish Regional Representative of the British Association of Cosmetic Medicine. He is Honorary Board Member of the World Medical Trichologist Association and Honorary Ambassador to the Michael Jackson Legacy Foundation and the Haiti Leadership Foundation.Dr Treacy is a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and the Royal Society of Arts. (London). 

He is Chairman of the Ailesbury Humanitarian Foundation and is the driving force behind countless humanitarian efforts that has opened orphanages in both Haiti and Liberia the past year. He pioneered facial implant techniques for HIV related facial lipodystrophy and early radiosurgery venous thermocoagulation. He is an advanced aesthetic trainer and has trained over 800 doctors and nurses from around the world. He practices cosmetic medicine in his clinics in Dublin, Cork and London.

Editorial Boards - PRIME International Journal, Journal on Aesthetic Practices & Cosmetic Dermatology, RoJCED The European Journal of Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology (EJAMeD) The Aesthetician Journal (India) and Aesthetic Medicine Magazine (UK). He has featured on the Today Show, Ireland AM, CNN, Dr. Drew, RTE, TV3, Sky News, BBC and Newsweek.

Faculty - IMCAS Paris 2013, AMWC Monaco 2013, EAMWC Moscow 2013, AAAM Mexico 2013,  VCS Vegas 2014, AMEC Paris 2014, IACD Sao Paulo 2014, RSM ICG 2014 London 2014, AMWC 2014 Columbia. IMCAS Paris 2015, AMWC Monaco 2015, EAMWC Moscow 2015, VCS Vegas 2015, AMEC Paris 2015, RSM ICG London 2015, AMWC 2015 Columbia, 3rd Gender Singapore 2015.

Awards - 'Best Professional Journalist Ireland' (2003). 'Best Medical Clinic in Ireland' (2005). Highly Commended 'Best Aesthetic Clinic Ireland & UK (2008) (2009). Winner of the MyFaceMyBody 'Best Innovative Technique' facial aesthetics and hair transplant (2012) (2013). Winner AMEC Paris 'Best Medical Case Facial Rejuventation' 2014'.

For more information, please visit his clinic website - The Ailesbury Clinic.

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