Reduce female breast size

Large breasts can be considered to be a benefit, but for some they can become a burden. If breasts become too large or heavy, they can cause health implications, such as back pain and spinal problems, difficulty sleeping or shoulder problems caused by bra straps which dig in from carrying the extra weight. Large breasts can also affect a woman’s ability to exercise without pain and discomfort. Often, finding adequately supporting, attractive and comfortable bras can be a difficulty for women with a very large bust. Surgery can reduce the excess weight of the increased breast tissue and reshape the breast to a more manageable size and appearance.

Breast Reduction or Mammaplasty (Female) Thumbnail

Breast Reduction or Mammaplasty (Female)

Breast reduction or a reduction mammaplasty is an operation that removes fat, tissue, and skin from the breasts to reduce and reshape them. Afterwards, the breasts should have a more youthful shape.