Correct nipple problems / areola restoration

Both men and women can be unhappy with the size, shape and colour of their nipples or areola. Corrective procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, can improve the appearance of the nipple area, including enhancement or reduction in size, as well as colour lightening or brightening. Similarly, those individuals who may be missing an areola due to previous surgery or trauma can seek options for reconstruction of the nipple area.

Breast Nipple Surgery Thumbnail

Breast Nipple Surgery

There are several different cosmetic procedures used for the enhancement or reduction of the nipple or brownish area around the breast (areola). These treatments are available for both men and women.

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Micropigmentation (Medical)

Reconstructive or medical micropigmentation attempts to correct or camouflage birth defects, repair disfigurement from accident or illness and simulate the areola after mastectomy.