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Question: Tixel treatment

I received 3 tixel treatments. The first and the third were very similar, as far as heat and sloughing. I actually got more sloughing from the third treatment. After the second treatment, I barely had sloughing. I was very concerned about that. The settings were the same for all 3 treatments.
Just wondering why I didn’t slough after the second treatment.

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Dr Victoria Dobbie


12th April 2023

Answer: Hello Lilly

this is a great question?, your skin is a constantly renewing organ influenced by hormones, nutrition and lifestyle as well as highly influenced by the skin care and make-up you use on a daily basis.

As an experienced aesthetic provider I would not expect your skin to have the same reaction every time with the same treatment, setting and practitioner. All these other variables influence your skins response.

I hope that is reassuring.

For the best results always use the recommended skin care.

Kind regards

Dr Victoria

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