How much do facial implants cost, UK?

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Question: How much do facial implants cost, UK?

My face naturally have little fat and I would like to get implants under my eyes and behind my nasolabial regions, since these are the areas that are sunken in. I am 22, and I think this is the best option for me. I do not want filler or fat grafting.
How much, on average, would it cost to get these implants in the UK, not necessarily in London, since it so expensive there?

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Clinic Manager & Events Coordinator Lynsey Georgeson

Dr Nestor Cosmetics Centre

23rd February 2024

Answer: Good Morning,

Thank you for getting in touch with Dr Nestor Aesthetic and Medical Clinic.

Unfortunately, we do not currently provide surgical treatments in the clinic. I recommend getting in touch with Dr Quaba who will be able to provide you with more information on the surgical treatments he provides. his website and information can be found on Google and I wish you the best in finding the treatment that is best for you.

Kind Regards
Patient Coordinator

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