how long the implant can stay in my body?

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Question: how long the implant can stay in my body?

Hi, in 2001 I had the Brest implant. Just want to know how long I can have these implants?
Type: Cristaline Vertex
Mode: GAZ O.E.
Ref: 102275
No Serie: F147L14
No. du lot: 997011

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Clinic Manager & Events Coordinator Lynsey Georgeson

Dr Nestor Cosmetics Centre

13th March 2023

Answer: Dear Azucena

We have received an email from The Consulting Rooms, regarding your question for the implants you had in 2001.

We would advice you to speak to the original company who you had surgery with, as a general guide it is recommended that implants be replaced at 8-10yrs, so given it is now over 20 years most surgeons would recommend replacing.

Kind regards
Front of House Coordinator

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