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Woodford Medical Aesthetics Essex is conveniently located in Chelmsford.

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Woodford Medical was established in 1995 in Danbury, Essex, by Dr Hilary Allan and Dr Mervyn Patterson to fill a huge gap in the aesthetics industry in the country. This was soon followed by clinics in Cambridge, Belfast and Leamington Spa. The addition of the London clinic became an obvious extension of the Woodford Medical brand and is now renowned as a centre of excellence despite fierce competition from the faceless nationwide chains.

Woodford Medical founders, Dr Hilary Allan and Dr Mervyn Patterson are a trusted and ethical partnership who have worked in the cosmetic industry since demand and awareness for aesthetic treatments began to grow in the early nineties. They were instrumental in developing applications for the use of Intense Pulsed Light in the UK for the treatment of facial rejuvenation and rosacea. As industry leaders, both doctors continue to pioneer new treatments and techniques across the whole aesthetic spectrum in particular advancing the way anti-wrinkle injections and facial fillers are used today.

Over the years we have built up a loyal and professional team whose intention is to make your patient journey at Woodford Medical the very best it can be. This starts from the very first phone call that you make to us and continues all the way through to making you feel confident in your treatment when you leave the clinic.

Regardless of which member of our team you see or which clinic you visit you can have absolute trust that you will receive the gold standard of care at Woodford Medical.



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Lip enchancement, Profhilo, Juvederm Voluma, Botox for Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating), Botox For Flushing and Blushing, Botox for Bruxism (tooth grinding), Botox for migraines, Dermafrac combined microneedling, infusion & LED light therapy, Dermaplaning,Collagen PIN, Fotopeel, Collagen Peel, Minor Surgery for Moles, Milia and Skin Tags.

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Profhilo Treatment

Profhilo gives you healthier, softer, younger looking skin with a dewy, plumped appearance

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Scarlet Nat ★☆☆☆☆

I should have written this review years ago really. Back in 2004 I visited Dr Mervyn Patterson of Woodford Medical in Danbury about my rosacea face flushing. I flew in from the Netherlands for an initial consultation, asking whether or not we could do test patches with the IPL machine he had. Dr Patterson said that this wa snot necessary. I spoke out about my worries that the IPL could perhaps worsen my face flushing, but Dr Patterson assured me that it would either improve matters, or do nothing at all. I returned some time later for the IPL treatment, together with my mother and sister. It hurt terribly and I felt my skin burning. I used to flush only on the apples of my cheeks, but after the full face IPL treatment, my entire face (minus the forehead and nose) turned red to purple. I returned after around 6 weeks and was constantly on fire and flushed at this point. Dr. Patterson looked at it, said I was flushed indeed but blamed it on stress, since my sister had passed away recently. It was absolutely shocking. My rosacea worsened 10 fold since the IPL treatment and instead of taking any responsibility, he said it was not possible that his treatment did this and that we should not do any more treatments, and good luck with it all. It pretty much turned my life and health around and I still suffer from daily flushing and burning all over my face. (I posted photos of my skin in a blog post which you can find by googling Disastrous IPL 2005, dr Mervyn Patterson).

Clare Shakeshaft ★★★★★

I'd just like to write and say how fantastic Dr Hilary is, I see her for Botox and fillers and she has made me look younger and with more confidence but at same time no one would have a clue I'd been to see her! She makes sure I look natural. I'm thrilled with the results and feel better at 34 than ever! Dr Allan is friendly and very professional and I feel completely at ease with her and her kind and friendly nurse. Thank you. :)

July 25, 2013 | Essex

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Woodford Medical Aesthetics Essex, 141 Main Road, Danbury, Chelmsford, CM3 4AA

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Dr Hilary Allan

Medical Director

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Dr Mervyn Patterson

Medical Director

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Oona Zia

Nurse Prescriber

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Lindsay Gilligan

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Medical Assistant

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Clinic Manager

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Kerys Pyne

Aesthetic Therapist

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Debbie Lingard

Senior Aesthetic Therapist

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