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Real honest reviews by real clients of The Good Skin Company, Hampton Hill.

The Good Skin Company are rated an average of 5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

Eve Williams No atings

I went to Kathryn with a severe case of bad scarring/ keloids. I am a dark skinned African who is generally prone to keloids. Kathryn patiently worked with me to make my scar look better. She is kind, her recommendations are reliable and she is also realistic! In my case she even achieved more than what I was expecting. My scar is from an abdominoplasty plasty surgery from last year (a long scar). With Kathryn you are in safe hands, you are not just there because she wants your money, she truly cares and is passionate about Her patients. Thanks much, am ever so grateful.

March 10, 2015 | Twickenham
Chloe Smith ★★★★★

"When I first started seeing Kathryn I had been modelling a year. My face is how I earn my living but as a 37 year old model I need some help. Each appointment we sit down and talk through what procedures will be best. I want my face to look its best, flawless as possible but it is very important that my face still has expression, even with Botox. The most important thing is that it does not look enhanced or unnatural. I want to look well and healthy rather than anyone to think that my face has been worked on. In the year that I have been seeing Kathryn, my career has gone from strength to strength and I am now very lucky to be regarded as one of the top models worldwide in my area. This is a position I most certainly have to thank Kathryn for. I have now moved from Richmond and the clinic is now a 2 hour journey away from me. I have had many offers from other practices for cheap treatment but I would not trust my face with anyone other than Kathryn and would never consider going anywhere else. In summary, Ageless Clinics is not a conveyor belt much like other practices. The treatments are thought out in great detail and they truly care. I am more than happy to recommend them to anyone who is considering treatment. The tea is pretty good too!"

Chloe Smith ★★★★★

"I came across Kathryns practice about two years ago when searching for someone who offered Botox treatment n the Richmond area. On the first appointment, there was a noticeable difference to the way I was treated from previous clinics I had visited and received treatments from. Having been used to 30 minute appointments there was no element of being rushed. A very refreshing difference. Kathryn takes a genuine interest in her clients, their lifestyles, their work and the type of treatment they both seek. As an independent business, I was also surprised to learn each problem area can have a choice of treatments which are worked out to suit each persons requirement. There is no one supplier for fillers but a number of options we are, of course, not all the same. I had dry skin which was prone to the odd outbreak so I contacted Ageless Clinics who were recommended through a client. They were extremely helpful and carried out a thorough review of what my skin needed. I started using Endocare products three months ago and I have noticed a marked improvement and I feel that my skin really glows! Now I wouldn''t use anything else."

Chloe Smith ★★★★★

I saw Kathryn at Ageless Clinic for 3 Dermaroller treatments. I generally only use creams or have treatments that had been scientifically proven to work, and I'd been impressed with the study findings for Dermarolling which post treatment showed a significant growth of collagen and elastin, the fibres which make up the skin. So, i thought I'd give it a go! In consultation with Kathryn, we choose which areas to concentrate on, for me it was around my eyes and cheeks but you can use the Dermaroller on any area including the hands and decolletage. The treatment involves micro-needling which basically mean puncturing the skin with tiny needles to promote the formation of new skin cells. It sounds a bit scary but Kathryn uses a numbing cream 20 minutes prior to treatment and she''s so quick and expert at doing the Dermarolling that any mild prickling is over in a jiff. Kathryn then lathers on a post treatment cream and although I was a bit red for a couple of hours after treatment, this was gone the next day and there was no after affects at all, apart from lovely skin! I have been very pleased with the results of the Dermarolling. 3 months after the treatment, my skin is tighter and plumper and I'm still seeing improvements. There''s a rosy hue that I didn't have before and my pores are smaller as well. My skin looks lifted and therefore younger. I couldn't be happier with the treatment. Thank you Kathryn and everyone at Ageless Clinic!

Chloe Smith ★★★★★

The mouth looks amazing. I was terrified of trout lips but it has settled down and is perfect. I didnt realise how amazing fillers are at smoothing the lines outside the lips. (You did in fact say that it was a job for a filler) No idea, until I saw the result!!. I am really delighted as I didn't appreciate what can be achieved. I am happy, (especially when I see the results) and that is what life is about. For next year I wish to develop my treatment plan, I will of course discuss this with you and you can advise on the appropriate treatment. Kathryn I am delighted at the result and excited by what can be achieved. Kathryn thank you for your help this year, I do so love you.

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