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February 5, 2019
I've been to the private clinic, everything was amazing. I just surprised when they said the deposit is refundable. I sent an email more than a month ago but I haven't got their reply and the money still with them!! Any advice?

Clinic Reply

Hi Maryam, Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We are glad to hear you had a fantastic experience at The Private Clinic. With regards to your refund, please can you kindly contact us on 02033256555 so we can amend this issue as soon as possible. Kind Regards, The Private Clinic

July 23, 2017
A few years ago I had a noticeable vein I didn't like so I went to the private clinic. After consultation they said it wasn't a varicose vein but can treat it if I like. They did the treatment a little cheaper due to not needing much treatment. During the treatment, I felt tugging (understandable) however there was this big tug that just didn't seem or feel right. After my treatment, a few months later the bruising didn't go away, I contacted the clinic they said give it longer. I waited a few more months and still the same. They gave me laser two sessions I think and said it should clear it. It never did so I went back, they said nothing is wrong and that's all they can do, I was unhappy and complained. My complaint didn't really go anywhere after the laser so I suffered with not getting my legs out that summer. I think last year it was becoming summer again and I was getting upset because I won't get my legs out due to this cluster of bruising. I knew something wasn't right and it got worst rather than better with time. So I asked to hook back in, whereas this time I seen a new surgeon and straight away he identified my problem. I had a leaking/broken vein that was causing the problem of bruising. I think it was Geri at the time, she said I remember you complaining and being upset I'll see if we can resolve this for you on 'us'. I didn't hear anything back so I contacted them, later on Geri emailed saying she'll knock off I think it was £250 to treat me. One I couldn't afford the total price around £2,500 and I believe it was their negligence. Again I went back this year and thought I'll have to accept the price and get it done because my self esteem over my legs is very low. I went back to find new management, same surgeon who bought my leg had improved but would still treat me. The new manager said we need to talk about it, because it isn't bad. A few days later she called me saying she's not willing to treat me because she doesn't think my leg is bad. She said I am looking for perfection and I won't get it. I got very upset and said it's not perfection, I have a bruising, leaking, broken horrible leg that I can see and don't like. However they won't treat me, I am now left with this untreated leg and I cannot afford to treat it. Very unhappy, to be honest I don't recommend this clinic, there is no empathy to how I feel and will not accept that they damaged my leg!

Clinic Reply

Dear Ms Gregory, We note your review and thank you for your feedback. We always do our utmost to respond to all reviews so as to have a sense of balance and perspective. Your treatment was indeed of a lesser cost than a varicose vein procedure as you had a different treatment for thinner veins. We are sorry to hear that you found it uncomfortable. The potential discomfort and risk of temporary discolouration (which has now cleared in your case) were explained to you in full before you decided to undergo treatment. We are fully satisfied the best possible result was reached and that we have objectively improved the appearance of your leg. Your unwillingness to bare your legs during summer is unfortunate but is unrelated to the treatment you received from The Private Clinic. Your case was investigated by senior management and they found no sign of ‘negligence’ or ‘damage’. All procedures are performed with the understanding that we will always strive to meet your expectations. We have the lowest complaint rate in the cosmetic surgery industry (less than 1%) because our staff do everything possible to be empathetic with patients, as you note in your review we tailored a treatment plan around your individual needs as a valued returning patient. We are however also honest and realistic with what can be achieved. There is nothing further we can do to assist you in this matter but we hope you regain your self-esteem and wholeheartedly wish you all the best. Kind regards, The Private Clinic

February 23, 2017
I have had an awful experience with this people with my scar revision. I am here writing this review so that others can avoid it. If you need any serious cosmetic surgical procedure, please make sure to go look elsewhere. You will find cheaper prices elsewhere with the same quality standards if not better. Unfortunately I could only find out later by chance, after already having paid this people lots of money I could have saved. Apparently on this site I am not allowed to mention better places you could go for help, but trust me there are such places in Manchester. Please stay away from them.

Clinic Reply

Dear Sir, We are disappointed to read the one star review you have posted. We are encouraged that you make no complaint about the corrective procedures you underwent with us that produced exceptional cosmetic outcomes for you. Ultimately, you appear to be complaining with regards to the fees you did pay for the surgeries you had with us. We do not share your view that “cheap” should be the benchmark for finding a cosmetic surgery provider. We say that with some experience as our surgeons perform many corrective procedures each year for those who adopted that very approach. We of course accept that you are disappointed that you have ultimately concluded that you might have had the same cosmetic outcome for an overall lower price. In fairness, that’s a question none of us can ever answer or predict, as you have done in your review. We always encourage those who are considering cosmetic procedures to look at a range of providers, and we did so at the time of your consultation. The Private Clinic has been established since 1983. We see and treat over 20,000 patients per year and have performed over 3000 surgical procedures last year. We have one of the lowest complaints rates and among the highest satisfaction ratings in the cosmetic surgery and aesthetic sector. We are committed to delivering outstanding customer care and services and would encourage anybody to look at our website, or have a no obligation consultation at one of our many clinics. Kind regards, The Private Clinic

February 20, 2017
I had Botox done by Dawn Lisa at the Private clinic Manchester, and I truly can't rate the service highly enough. As soon as I entered the building I was greeted by a very warm and friendly receptionist who took me to the waiting room (I was early) and was offered a tea/coffe. Bang on my appointment time I was taken into the clinic to meet with Dawn Lisa who was lovely, she talked to be about what I wanted to gain from the treatment and then gave me her best advice and took me trough a few forms, I felt everything was very clinical and official which put my mind at ease. Dawn Lisa then performed the treatment which was relaxed and painless, checking I was happy at every stage of the way. Once she had finished she talked me through after care and let me know if I had any questions once I was home I was more than welcome to call the clinic and speak to her. I booked my return visit for three weeks time for her to check my face and ensure we are both 100% happy with the results (this is all included in the price). I am now a week after my treatment and I am thrilled, I've been having Botox for over three years and this is by far the best result I've ever had! I'll be recommending the Private clinic and especially Dawn Lisa to all my friends and family.


July 14, 2011
Thanks for your response Rachel Ford (area manager) but lets set the record straight I "invested" in exactly what i asked for at my initial consultation which was to treat my face and neck front and back. I was told exactly how much this would cost & I paid for it there and then in full. The problem here is not confusing from my point of view, I simply did not get the treatment that I asked for and payed for simple as that !!

Location: clitheroe lancashire

July 4, 2011
OK Ive been having N lite treatment for acne at the private clinic in Manchester. Consultation was ok it didn't seem that professional to be honest, not like I had expected. I had my first treatment with Tanya who I later found out was the clinic manager, I was shocked when the N lite treatment for my whole face and whole neck took only fifteen minutes. It was quite obvious that she had missed large areas of my face and only covered a very small area of my neck at the front & not on the back of my neck as was agreed and payed for at my consultation. I was shocked and didn't really know what to do, I assumed that I was in professional hands, and said nothing, I was taken downstairs to the reception expecting Tanya to, arrange another appointment and perhaps discuss things to expect after my first treatment, however she just completely blanked me, and started talking with somebody else, I walked out really quite shocked at how everybody was so friendly and chatty when I went for my consultation, but then after I had payed 700 for the treatment plus another 100 on products, it really did feel like I had been ripped off, and now that they had got my money the service was terrible. On my way home I was furious, and I could clearly see in the mirror that huge areas had been missed by the laser, I called the lady who did the consultation and explained, she apologized and offered me another treatment free, which was ok I suppose other than the two hour round trip I had to make again and lost earnings from work as I'm self employed. I made it quite cleat that I did not want Tanya to do any more of my treatments, and that I wanted a thorough job doing on my next visits, my wish was granted my next two visits with two different practitioners where great, very professional and took there time ensuring complete coverage with laser this took between 30 & 40 minutes considerably longer than my first treatment. I have just been for my last appointment which when arranged a month earlier was to be with Sam one of the nurses which was great. Two days before my appointment I had a text with a reminder of my appointment with Tanya aaargh, I contemplated calling to stand my ground and refuse to be treated by Tanya, as she messed up my first treatment, however I knew it would be to late to change and I had already left the afternoon clear at work and so didn't want a change of appointment and more lost earnings from work again. I kind of expected that Tanya would have received some feed back from my previous complaint, and I thought I would give her the benefit of the doubt and try again. What a mistake another very quick fifteen minute treatment with loads of areas of skin left untreated, I asked her to ensure she covered all my neck area she lightly covered the front of my neck missing large areas again, she didn't bother to do the back of my neck as the others had done, and huffed and puffed when I asked her to do it, as if she just couldn't be bothered, terrible attitude and I once again left the clinic annoyed at the crap service again. I had noticed on my way out that Tanya was the clinic manager I couldn't believe it and thought well I give up, my previous complaint obviously fell on deaf ears, theirs no point calling back. I have a lot more treatments that I will be looking to have done in the very near future, but It wont be at the private clinic in Manchester that's for sure.

Clinic Reply

Dear Mathew I am disappointed that we find ourselves with a patient that is dissatisfied with their experience at Manchester as we find across the whole of The Private Clinic high levels of patient satisfaction. I can see clearly that the timings of treatment must have caused concern and left unanswered questions. We usually offer treatment per area for patients at set fees. I understand that you invested in a treatment plan of one area yet understood that your face and neck were included. We book 15 minutes in the diary to manage a 1 area of treatment effectively. If longer is required then of course this is managed. I feel some of the confusion is our staff were not clear in this instance from the beginning and appear to have added areas to be treated that usually would not be. I will look at how the information is given and agreed for our patients to ensure this does not happen again. I am very sorry that you felt our Manager displayed an attitude that is not what you or I would expect and I can assure you that we will discuss this at length in our clinic. The Private clinic staff strive to treat all patients as they would want to be treated themselves, courteously, professionally with effective and safe treatments. I would very much appreciate an opportunity to discuss your experience directly with you. I will email my details and hope to hear from you soon. Kindest regards, Rachel Ford, Regional Manager

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