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January 29, 2020
I have put my absolute trust into Dr Alison Walker, I cannot thank her enough for the advice and procedures I have undertaken over the last 5 years or so, with amazing results. I say this with much conviction because I have had some pretty awful aesthetic procedures in the past, with devastating results. The implications: suffering a long period of time before intervention and feeling some sort of normal again. Alison prides herself on natural results and will not be talked into doing anything that she doesn’t feel is believable or comfortable doing which is very reassuring. I’m very happy to have found Alison and ‘Skin Solutions’, I highly recommend and personally will not be going anywhere else! My faith has finally been restored in aesthetics. Thank you Alison.

October 21, 2018
I cannot recommend Alison highly enough. Not only she is a wonderful person but she's done wonders to my skin. I had a sudden very bad cystic acne breakout. For months of using steroid creams and taking antibiotics, nothing seemed to help, I then decided to see Alison. Her place is very warm and welcoming and she made me at ease straight away. After analysing my skin, she prescribed a course of peels and a skin care regime using Alumier HD products. Already after a month, I saw a massive improvements and 10 months on, my skin has never been better! I keep getting compliments on how wonderfully glowing my skin looks and this is all down to Alison's incredible knowledge and work. I can't thank her enough.

November 15, 2017
My skin tends to freckle, with lots of red veins and a rough texture. When Alison Warner suggested an IPL treatment, I was concerned about whether it could be worth the price. I decided to try it, and the results have been amazing. In one treatment, the red was gone, the texture was smooth, the color was more even, and fine lines were improved. My husband keeps commenting on what a big difference it made. It was definitely worth it! Alison really knows what she is doing.

November 15, 2017
I wanted to get in touch to say how pleased I am with my frown, or I should say complete absence of a frown. You administered the Botox in a different pattern than I've had it before in Canada and it has not only worked well from a cosmetic standpoint but it worked incredibly fast. Within 48 hours it had really taken hold and seems to still be increasing. Much faster than ever before as well. It always amazes me how used to that headache feeling I get and how noticeable it is when I can't frown and it disappears. Already so many compliments on how rested I look. Makes me realise how tired and grumpy I must look without the Botox!

November 15, 2017
I am the lady from New Zealand that came to see you for Azzalure at the beginning of July. I just wanted to let you know that I am so pleased with my result, probably the best result I've ever had from any type of anti-wrinkle treatment so I'd just like to say a huge thank you and also for seeing me at such short notice. I will definitely be back to see you next time I am in the UK. Have a lovely week.

November 15, 2017
It took me almost three years to pluck up the courage to get Botox treatment - which I understand is not uncommon particularly if you're a man. During that time I visited other local clinics but for some reason did not feel comfortable about going ahead. Then I looked at Skin Solution's website again; I thought it honest, straitforward and I noticed Alison is a practicing GP! I took the bull by the horns and made an appointment. Alison was absolutely superb, making me feel at ease immediately before taking me through a thorough consultation and then the procedure - a few simple, painless injections. In fact I have to say I found the whole experience very relaxing! The fact that Alison is a GP also meant she noticed that I was probably struggling with headaches and peripheral vision due to my heavy eyelids (which of course also look sad and tired) and recommended I see my own GP about it. Some months later and after a GP referral and various tests, I am now listed for surgery on the NHS! The Botox treatment has made a massive difference in smoothing out my wrinkles and, if you're like I was and not sure about the whole thing, go and talk to Alison. I honestly cannot praise Dr Alison Warner enough.

May 9, 2017
Being treated by Alison has been a revelation for me. I've struggled with understanding my skin and finding the best products all my life and happily wasted hundreds of pounds on the quest for better skin. In the 4 months since my first visit to Alison my skin has never been better - even my family and friends have noticed the improvement. I feel I've really turned a corner and wish I'd been introduced to Alison sooner.

May 4, 2017
Alison is a perfectionist. She is exactly the sort of person you would want if needing procedures on your face. Alison works carefully in all aspects, from establishing good understanding and consent to very precise, finely detailed practical work. There is no chance of heavy handed over treatment and no chance of too little, half done work. Plexr treatment for the eyes is fantastic, better than surgery, as there are no scars, no creases and no uneven bits. I cannot recommend Alison highly enough. You will be safe, you will be listened to and the work done will be as good as it is possible to be.

December 16, 2016
I initially came to see Alison for Botox treatment, to tame my very odd shaped eyebrows' after having previous treatments elsewhere. With a few fine tweaks here and there, by skilled hands, my eyebrows look fabulous and what's more, they looked natural! Since my initial Treatment I have also undergone Facial Radiotherapy treatment to tighten my Jowls and lift my face a little. It has definitely made a difference and the facials leave me glowing at least a day or two afterwards. It's the highlight of my month! And during treatment I get time to pick Alison's grey matter on the other treatments that I could benefit from. To me, it is clear that Alison's passionate about skin! It is reflected in her knowledge, her techniques and her natural looking results. You will be so pleased to have met her :)

September 2, 2016
Alison really does perform little miracles. Her clinic is welcoming and relaxing in her lovely old English garden, and Alison is a warm and cheerful person who instantly put me at ease and made it easy to talk about what I wanted. Then she knew exactly how to do it! Her prices are incredibly reasonable, especially for someone with her level of skill and expertise. She has understood and carried out what I wanted more expertly than places that charge far more, and given me a face that looks fresh and youthful and completely natural. I'll choose her every time, this friendly goddess.

July 15, 2016
Generous with her time, professional in her care, Dr Warner (Alison) has just succeeded in making me feel a lovelier Granny. I find her calm, lovely, competent and reassuring. Alison is enthusiastic and knowledgeable, without pressing excessive treatments upon you, and she loves her work.

July 10, 2016
I have always suffered from low self esteem after growing up being teased about the squint in my eye. I will not have my photo taken unless I have sunglasses on and struggle in social situations. After two treatments with Alison I am finding my inner confidence knowing that I look so much better and my eyes are far more even. Thank you for changing my life and giving me a chance to go out again to live my life to the full.

April 5, 2016
Excellent experience with the procedure I had done at Skin Solutions. Very good results very pleased! Dr Alison Warner worked with me to determine the appropriate treatments and was very considerate of my needs. She made sure all my concerns were addressed and helped me feel very comfortable and confident about my decision. Alison was positive, kind, and supportive making this a very positive experience for me, and I would recommend her to anyone.

Location: Witney

February 14, 2016
Alison really understands the art of bringing out the best in your skin and looks. Her detailed knowledge of human anatomy and muscle structure ensures that delicate procedures like Botox and fillers are administered where they are needed, and not overused to give an unnatural effect. I will admit to being really anxious at having Botox, but a few strategically placed pin pricks later has now removed the worst of a deep furrowed brow I have had for years, and am no longer embarrassed by looking 'grumpy' anymore. I now have so many more options with hairstyles,yet I still have an expressive face and forehead. The most transforming skin technique for me has been IPL, I can't say it is the most comfortable treatment, particularly around the nose and mouth, but the removal of those pesky red spider veins and pigmentation from working outdoors is nothing short of amazing.No need for any make-up now, just a high factor sunscreen and some mascara. Thank you for helping me to be my "natural best" in my 50's...

Location: Wantage

February 5, 2016
Of course it's concerning when commencing any type of aesthetic regime/treatment. Alison however put me at ease with her charming, bubbly and kind personality. She is happy to chat about all aspects of healthcare and is rigorous at explaining how the treatments will feel, work and about recovery. I have had a number of treatments - laser, Collagen PIN, IPL and radiofrequency and all have been wonderful. I have had good results and and feel better now about ageing. It's not that I don't want to age its that I want to do it and still look and feel my best. Alison makes me know this is possible.She is a doctor and so I feel safe in her hands. She is passionate about her work and this rubs off(!) into her treatment of you. The room is calm, clean and bright and is a nice place to be. I cannot recommend this consultant highly enough.

Location: Oxford

February 3, 2016
Undergoing any procedure on the face is daunting: my concerns about both the process and outcome stopped me having treatment for years. All that went away the moment I met Alison. She has taken her professional pride as a doctor and applied it in equal measure to her work in aesthetic medicine. Alison has clearly worked hard to master the procedures the administers, and the results are well worth the time and effort. I now look more youthful and refreshed. And what is more - it all looks natural. This is one of her greatest strengths: knowing how much is enough. My own friends, many of whom are also doctors, have commented on how well I look, and guess that I'm sleeping better. I highly recommend a visit.

Location: Oxford

January 30, 2016
I recently had a bad experience in another clinic and so was a little apprehensive meeting Alison. I do, however have no hesitation in recommending Alison. She is a real advocate to Aesthetics, professional, caring and understanding the various needs of her patients. Alison is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work, being realistic in her approach and confident enough to deliver, exceeding all of my expectations. Alison has restored my faith in Aesthetics.

Location: Wantage

January 21, 2016
Yesterday I met up with a good friend I have not seen in ages. She was very impressed with my new plump cheeks and soft skin. All thanks to you.

Location: Oxford

January 21, 2016
Fantastic. Alison is truly amazing. She studies your needs and her precision is 100%. Aftercare is second to none. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Location: Wantage

January 6, 2016
I had my first appointment with Alison way back in October. I have always been curious about facial peels so that was the first on my “shopping” list. My first peel went really well. Only a few small scabs and not at all as dramatic as I had imagined. For my second peel Alison used a slightly stronger solution. The result after just two treatments was amazing. It has unplugged congested pores, got rid of dead cells and left my skin looking youthful and feeling silky soft. I can almost feel it “breath” again. In fact, the result was so good, that Alison felt the third treatment would not be necessary. Lots of complimentary comments from friends. Next on the list, fillers, again with a good result. It has plumped up my cheeks, emphasised a much better, more youthful definition of my face. What I like about Alison is that she listens to what you want and hope for. Then she advises and together the appropriate treatment is decided. There is never any pressure or hard sales talk. To place you face in the hands of another person can sometimes feel a little daunting. I trust Alison and her professionalism completely and as such feel happy to recommend her to anyone who contemplates calling on her services. I am so pleased that I found her, almost on my door step and so are a lot of other ladies judging by all the positive comments.

Location: Witney

January 6, 2016
Dr Alison Warner is caring, professional and a pleasure to visit. An expert in her field, she really listens your needs and offers good advice. Putting you at ease,she talks through treatment options so you can decide what's best for you. I had IPL for Rosacea on my cheeks and after 1 treatment I saw a dramatic effect. My skin looks clearer and fresher and feels tighter. It has been liberating to go out confidently without wearing make up.Thank you Alison, I would highly recommend you to everyone.

Location: Oxford

January 6, 2016
I am extremely happy with the results I have had since seeing Dr Alison. She took a look at my face through fresh eyes and then advised me on the best course of treatment. There is no hard sell, ultimately the choice remains with the client but the advice on the treatments she offers is invaluable. I would definitely recommend her and will be continuing to stay with her.

Location: Oxford

January 5, 2016
Alison was brilliant. I am thrilled with the results and she was highly professional and caring. I would recommend her to anyone.

Location: Oxford

December 10, 2015
I am really very happy with everything. I’ve had this done before but this has been the best result. The effect on my crows feet is amazing. I shall certainly make an apt for filler in the new year.

Location: Windsor

December 2, 2015
I went to Alison 2 years ago with very bad skin. She developed a skin regime for me and I quickly saw the results. Now my skin is better than it has ever been and really boosted my confidence. I trust Alison's judgement as she has a real passion to improve people's skin rather than sell you products that you may not need.

Location: Oxford

November 27, 2015
I have been an eczema suffer from birth. After spending 53 years and thousands of pounds on “miracle creams” I was lucky enough to find Alison. She has worked with my skin at a very slow pace giving me confidence and just as importantly amazing results. Quite simply Alison - thank you.

Location: London

November 26, 2015
I've only experienced Botox and filler with yourself, but i'm thrilled with the results and your approach, so happy to do the trip from London

Location: Swindon

November 25, 2015
Alison is a wonderful person she made me feel so comfortable and so at ease. She's done an amazing job with the work I have had done I can't recommend her highly enough! Alison is fantastic at what she does and I feel very lucky to have found her. Can't thank you enough Alison for making me feel more confident!!

Location: Swindon

November 25, 2015
I've had a couple of treatments now and i cannot recommend Alison highly enough. Very professional but at the same time very caring. Amazing results from an amazing person/GP. Thank you so much Alison x

Location: Oxford

October 16, 2015
I visited Alison as for my first foray into botox I wanted a medical doctor who could also help with the condition of my skin. Alison ticked all the boxes. Dermatology trained she inspires confidence. I found her to be friendly, professional and great fun. My skin has improved no end and my confidence is coming back. Thank you.

Location: Witney

October 14, 2015
I’d always turned my nose up at injectables, that was until I hit my mid 30’s when brackets appeared round my mouth and a Grand Canyon sized line appeared in the middle of my forehead. Having spent years with a heavy fringe hiding as much as I could, I decided it was time to do something about it. Following all the advice you get I looked for an Aesthetic Doctor rather than just a nurse and was lucky enough to find Alison. She is absolutely brilliant! Thoroughly professional, Alison takes the time to make sure you understand and feel completely at ease with any treatment you decide to undertake. There is no hard sell or forcing treatments/products on you that you don’t need or want. I’ve just been for my Botox “top up” and I literally couldn’t be happier, the Grand Canyon is gone and the fringe is on its way out too! Thank you so much Alison!

Location: Oxfordshire

October 13, 2015
Alisons caring manner and gentle hand made the whole Botox experience a great pleasure. I was quite worried as had had a bad experience with a dentist who had been very heavy-handed in his approach and the result was way too severe. But Alison always errs on the side of caution so that there is a subtle improvement not a scary mask!

Location: Oxon

March 26, 2015
No words can really describe how amazing and wonderful Dr Alison Warner is, I am very lucky to have her as my GP, for the past 2 years I have slowly being losing some hair mainly from the side part of my head which as being a young woman as not only made me lose my self-confidence it has made me feel low and very self-conscious , I have been to many different GP's who tried many different treatment until I managed to get into see Dr Warner she truly did go above and beyond she really is very passionate about not only skin but also her patients/clients. I have been for a few weeks taking her vitamins which have defiantly helped me. I know it is still early days but I really have started to notice some new hair growth which if it carries on will make me the happiest person alive, slowly with the new hair growth I feel a part of me coming back and I am truly grateful to Dr Warner for that. I will very much be recommending Dr Warner to anyone and everyone I know as they will not get a better service anywhere else.

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