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Coolsculpting - Sometimes in our life we decide to take control of our body shape and aim to reverse the lumps and bumps of fat acquired during puberty, pregnancy, absent-mindedness and other times of physical change. Age and hormonal changes can make it difficult to shift these areas without becoming uncomfortably thin. All languages have names for these areas, suggesting it is a world-wide phenomenon and desire to rid them from our bodies! Love handles, muffin tops, banana fat (under the bottom) and bingo wings are all terms that we are familiar with and may start using of ourselves. The Coolsculpt device is FDA approved to permanently remove stubborn fat from the body by literally freezing it away. No injections, no surgery and no scars. Many fat-freezing devices are available but Coolsculpt has been proven to work and to be safe, so safe that the whole body can be treated within a day. The number of treatments that you will need depends on the amount of fat that needs to go. Coolsculpt is a treatment for pockets of stubborn fat, not generalised obesity. However even people with generalise fat storage have stubborn lumps and bumps which can be treated once a diet and exercise routine is installed to control the weight problem. In this way moral can be maintained and a good overall result can be achieved even in very large people. At the first consultation we will give you an estimate of how many treatments are recommended; maybe one, two or three per area. The frequency of the treatments depends on your needs; we can repeat the treatment from after four weeks. Each area takes about an hour to treat. There are various head sizes available, we will select the best one for your body shape. One large head will treat the same amount of fat as two small heads, although some areas will respond better with two small heads. For this reason we keep the charges comparable between large and small so that we select the best treatment option for you. Afterwards the area can be swollen and tender. Some people experience weird sensations such as pinching or stabbing a few days after the treatment. If this is intolerable we can prescribe painkillers stronger than over the counter medicines for those few days. After a few days the swelling subsides and the results begin to show. Best results are achieved after three months, maximised of course by your own efforts.

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