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Real honest reviews by real clients of Aspire Medical Group, Reading.

Aspire Medical Group are rated an average of 4 out of 5 based on 28 reviews.


Lovely friendly environment and staff are very helpful. Had a few skin peels and microdermabrasion for acne treatment and I am now using the Obagi Clenziderm kit, which I was also recommended. The results have been amazing and its only been 6 weeks and Ive seen great results already! Im going to try the dermastamp treatment now to get the best results possible. Thank you Aspire Clinic!

Luke Anon ★★★★★

The spot I had for over 2 years is completely gone now very happy you guys did a great job!

December 13, 2018 | Reading
Christina Cullen ★★★★★

I have had a number of treatments at Aspire, from anti-ageing to skin rejuvenation, and most recently a radio-frequency treatment to help with the issue of stress incontinence. The treatment has completely worked and I couldn't be more delighted with the results!

December 13, 2018 | Burghfield
Sarah_76 ★★★★★

I first visited Aspire for Botox back in January 2016. Since then I have had a number of very successful treatments at the clinic including a thread face lift. Jenny and her team are absolutely marvellous. They go above any beyond to ensure their clients are not just happy with the results - but delighted. Jenny herself has gone out of her way to help me - even working out of clinic hours, to see me when i have found it hard to find daytime childcare. All the staff at Aspire are very professional, but also friendly and supportive. Its always nice to visit - for a chat, a consultation and ultimately because I always leave feeling that little bit more confident with my apperance.

SP ★☆☆☆☆

Went for a consultation with Georgina for lip fillers and was informed they do not charge by the mL but by the final desired outcome. Had an appointment with Lisa who I informed I wanted a natural but noticeable look. I went to see Lisa three times and she was still unable to get the desired outcome. I was then fobbed off to Jenny O'Neill who is the clinic director. She was patronising and unprofessional and said I had a 'gummy smile' in which she offended me highly about my appearance which was highly affected me. I was told I needed Botox to get the look I wanted which was just fuller lips. I am aware that this would not sort out my problem. When I replied no Jenny then offered to put more filler in using a cannula for £400. I then replied the only reason I went to them was since they do not charge by the mL. Jenny then replied 'do you think it is fair we can keep treating you for free'. I replied do you think it is fair I was offered something that was not delivered by your staff? Then I asked to complain to Jenny's professional regulator which she has refused to give details about. She then said I will do it for free when I said I would complain. I asked her if she could treat me that evening she replied she had patients to see. I was able to notice from her body language she was being untruthful so at 7.06pm I saw her leave in her black Range Rover which confirmed what I thought and principal of trust has diminished. Will have to take this further not happy !

Clinic Reply

I'm so sorry to see this review. Aspire's practitioners have gone to such lengths to give you an excellent service and Lisa, your nurse practitioner, has carried out your treatment and additionally two top up treatments over the past four months to try and satisfy your requests for increasing volume in your lips. Lisa noted that your original request was for a subtle, natural looking lips with a slight enhancement and the photos she has taken demonstrate that she has achieved a natural looking but significant result. Lisa asked me to see you for a review of your treatment last week as she felt she had got to a point where it wasn't appropriate or safe to inject any more dermal filler into your lip border area. On visual and physical examination it was clear that you have had a significant amount of dermal filler in your lips. I suggested that by adopting a slightly different technique and using a cannula I could safely further satisfy your request for bigger lips by lifting them from underneath. I was unable to do this procedure on the same evening as your review so we scheduled the soonest evening appointment that was convenient for you. I note that this offer has now been rejected because you saw me leaving the clinic at the end of my shift and construed that somehow I could have done your treatment that evening. Unfortunately I'm currently nursing my 86 year old mother following cardiac surgery so lengthening my shift wasn't an option for me on this occasion. It rarely happens but it seems despite our best efforts we are not able to satisfy your expectations and for this I sincerely apologise and wish you well. Lisa has written to you with a copy of our complaints procedure for your reference. Kind regards Jenny O'Neill, Clinic Director Aspire Clinic, Reading

Chrissie Gilder ★★★☆☆

I wanted to thank you for such a lovely experience today. Always very professional. Today after covering the legal side we laughed and chatted which made the whole experience 10/10.I felt very at ease and always feel able to ask any further questions. Additional information was given on other treatment but no hard sell. Great job, great team. Well done.

February 20, 2018 | Reading
Johanna Legh- Smith ★★★☆☆

I have been a patient at Aspire for many years. The team are totally professional yet caring. The environment is pleasant and makes you feel at ease. The practitioners are all extremely knowledgeable and have the answers for all my questions which allows me to relax and completely trust their judgment. Thanks to jenny and the team I love the results of my treatments. I feel my results are natural and I never look 'done'. This is the best thing about Aspire Clinic in my opinion. I am now a gold club member which allows me to spread the cost and keep up to date with my treatments. Thanks to Aspire I really feel confident and happy with my face.

February 20, 2018 | Reading
Katie Stargatt ★★★★★

My experience with just 2 Dermalux treatments! I had never even heard about light therapy before until I confided in Lisa just 12 days before my wedding! I have suffered from acne prone skin since I was 13 years of age & now at 29 & my big day looming, I needed a quick fix. So, Lisa suggested I tried Dermalux. I have spent years trying different lotions & potions so as you can imagine, I was sceptical about a light doing anything to my angry skin. How wrong was I! I had a 30 minute treatment, & after just a few days, my very inflamed blemishes had completely gone down, my skin felt so smooth & it was glowing! A week later I had another 30 minute treatment & now I feel completely obsessed by Dermalux! 12 days after my first treatment, I walked down the aisle feeling so confident that I did not have one angry blemish on my face & it’s all thanks to Lisa.

October 27, 2017 | Reading
Phil Jackson ★★★★★

No hesitation in recommending Jennie and the team. NO I'm not telling what I had done - and the fact you can't tell means they've done an excellent and professional job.

June 21, 2017 | Reading
Emma .. ★★★★★

As an 18th Birthday present I was given the gift to get my legs lasered. I can say I now never need to shave my legs! It was a very easy process from booking appointments to actually getting it done! The staff are so friendly and professional making me feel very comfortable when getting it done as I was quite scared (I'm a bit of a wimp) but it doesn't hurt at all. 100% recommend to anyone saves so much time. Thank you xxx

June 6, 2017 | Reading

Clinic Reply

Thank you Emma for such positive feedback! We're delighted that you're so delighted with the results. And we hope you had a wonderful 18th birthday!

Julie .. ★★★★★

I believe I was one of Aspire's first clients for laser hair treatment. Best thing I ever did. My legs have been smooth and hair free ever since. Over the years it must have saved me a fortune both in time and painful waxing. Went on to have underarms done too. I would highly recommend it.

June 6, 2017 | Reading

Clinic Reply

Thank you Julie for the feedback. Yes, indeed you were one of our first laser hair clients. We're delighted that you have been so happy with the results.

Victoria .. ★★★★★

I recently visited Aspire Clinic for the first time. I found it to be very professional, yet extremely friendly, the ladies were all so lovely and made me feel very welcome. Lisa the clinic manager came and said hello and spoke to me, she was very helpful and nothing was too much trouble as I heard her chatting to other patients in the waiting room. I was there having my first microdermabrasion treatment, my appointment was with Laura and she explained everything to me and was very knowledgeable and made me feel totally at ease. She performed the treatment and kept checking I was ok, she was so caring and attentive. After having my treatment, later that evening my skin felt much softer, brighter, and clearer. So overall, very pleased with my first session, and would certainly recommend the clinic to others. I have already re-booked to go back. Victoria

June 1, 2017 | Reading

Clinic Reply

Thanks Victoria for the lovely feedback. We strive to ensure our patients enjoy a positive experience at Aspire Clinic.

Rachel .. ★★★★★

Hi I just wanted to let Laura know how thrilled I am with the treatment she gave me on Tuesday, the results are truly outstanding! This year had a very difficult beginning for me, and I was in much need of a boost, Laura has certainly given me that! I have had two treatments, each time Laura has put me completely at ease, and with her attention to detail and time taken to find out exactly what sort of outcome I was hoping for, there has been zero discomfort or downtime. I couldn't be happier and feel very confident in coming back in the future. Thank you Laura!

March 3, 2017 | Reading
Kate .. ★★★★★

I have had fillers and Botox with Jenna and her colleague Laura and have to say I am very pleased with both professionals and highly recommend your clinic. I would like to give feedback on Jenna as I have seen her for more complex treatment. Jenna is the epitome of what and how a professional demonstrates their skills and knowledge. Jenna takes time to discuss what you want to achieve and will give advice based not only on her expertise but also can obviously see what will work for you. She is instils confidence and the treatments I have had , left minimal to no pain and bruising post treatment. The key to me is that I am seeing Professionals !!

January 4, 2017 | Reading
Jane .. ★★★★★

Not only is CoolSculpting an AMAZING procedure, allowing me to confidently wear a bikini this summer, since having children, but Sarah and the rest of the team are just OUTSTANDING. Well worth the money. Thank you !

September 12, 2016 | Reading
Marie-Claire .. ★★★★★

Another visit to Aspire, friendly, professional, knowledgeable and personable, I would highly recommend x

August 31, 2016 | Reading
Anon. .. ★★★★★

I have a background in beauty therapy and some years ago I started to consider some facial treatment to freshen up my appearance and hopefully look a little younger. Over a period of time, I researched many non surgical systems, visiting clinics in London and nearer to home for assessments, but I never felt confident enough to take it any further. Continuing to research I discovered Aspire clinic. I rang to make an initial enquiry and was told that Jenny the clinic director would return my call, after an informative conversation with Jenny, I decided I would travel to Reading to meet her personally and have an initial consultation. At this first meeting whilst discussing the various options and treatments in detail I was greatly impressed with Jenny`s professionalism, knowledge and her empathetic personality, which made me feel relaxed about commencing my treatment. A personal programme had been suggested to suit my requirements taking into consideration the distance I have to travel. I have now visited the clinic numerous times, the staff are always friendly, polite and extremely helpful making me feel they are concerned about my well being on a personal level, making the experience is enjoyable. I am thrilled with the results, looking so much younger and feeling happier with my appearance. Thank you Jenny and all the team you are true professionals and I would recommend a visit to Aspire clinic for anyone no matter the distance to be travelled.

August 30, 2016 | The North-West of England

Clinic Reply

Thank you for such lovely feedback. We're delighted you're so pleased.

Jas Tagger ★★★★★

I recently had a Vitamin C peel and microdermabrasion facial at the Aspire Clinic in Reading. I was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed in the surroundings, each part of the process was explained to me and the lovely therapist put me at ease. It took a week for my skin to fully recover and to see the amazing effects of the peel. My skin was smooth, clear and glowing! My skin looked flawless and I was very pleased with the result. The after care I received was also very helpful and any questions I had were answered promptly.

August 8, 2016 | Reading
Anon .. ★★★★★

Like many Brides to be, I had a last minute panic about how I would look on my big day. I'd never really considered having a skin consultation before, always opting for over the counter and fad skin products on the market. Feeling a bit down in the dumps about my dull skin tone, I looked into how I could get a more healthy glow for my big day and decided to come to Aspire to discuss my options. I met with Leanne and she guided me through a very thorough consultation and put together a bespoke treatment schedule that would fit into my busy lifestyle, a mixture of product alongside the occasional peel and microdermabrasion. The results were fantastic! So many people commented on how great my skin looked, including the lady that did my make up on the day who said my skin was flawless. I really cant thank Leanne enough for being honest with me about my needs and getting me the results I wanted in a really short space of time.

July 7, 2016 | Reading
S. . ★★★★★

My CoolSculpting treatments were a total success for me, with minimal discomfort during treatment and only some tingling/bruising afterwards. CoolSculpting has allowed me to focus on creating a healthier lifestyle whilst quickly achieving specific body goals in difficult areas, boosting my overall confidence. I'm so pleased with my results, thanks Sarah!

May 9, 2016 | Berkshire
Anisha Patel ★★★★★

I just thought I would provide some positive feedback for the Aspire Clinic as Leanne (the clinician who usually treats me for my laser hair removal) thoroughly deserves some praise. Every time I see her (which is always the last appointment on a Monday at 7.30) so naturally we are both extremely tired she not only makes me feel very calm and welcome but always greets me with a smiling face. Besides this, there is never a question she cannot answer of mine and she is always willing to explain the treatment to me so I know exactly what kind of results I should be expecting. She definitely goes above and beyond to ensure I am receiving the best treatment possible and it will work for me, showing that she really knows her stuff. She has also done treatments for my sister, who also thinks that she has been great throughout the whole process. I spend a lot of money on these treatments so the fact I receive such a great service from Leanne is fantastic!!!

October 29, 2015 | Tilehurst
Carol Grimwood No atings

Having lost a lot of weight over a short period of time, I felt that I had aged dramatically. I felt extremely unhappy with how I looked which made me feel very low. I decided that I that I wanted to do something about it. I wanted to look like a younger version of me but not lose my character. I did some research for cosmetic surgery abroad but couldn’t go ahead due to my medication. My husband then did some further research to alternative treatments and found Aspire online. I came in for an initial consultation to discuss my requirements and expectations and was immediately referred to Jenny O’Neill the Clinic Director to discuss anti aging treatments such as Thread Lifts, Derma Fillers and Botox. I had not considered these treatments before; however, I immediately trusted Jenny’s professional advice and decided to go ahead with a Thread Lift. Initially, I struggled to see the difference when I looked in the mirror but on meeting with Jenny at my follow up appointment, we looked at my before and after pictures and I was completely taken aback at how different I actually looked. Having had further discussions with Jenny it was recommended that I have Derma Fillers to compliment the Lift to fill out my cheeks for a more youthful appearance. It really has taken years off me. I now feel happy within myself. It’s never been about how I look, but how I feel and Jenny and the Aspire Team have helped me to get my confidence back.

August 13, 2015 | Basingstoke
Beverley Nothman No atings

I had thought about Botox on and off for years and finally decided to take the plunge. I had been having Botox for about 18 months and whilst I had a lot of smoothing it wasn't really helping my deep ingrained number 11 frown. After lots of research I decided to have filler for it. I saw Dr Vivien at Aspire, she talked me through the procedure and went ahead. The results were amazing and after about 3 weeks my frown had totally disappeared. I was thrilled. However, about 3 months later I noticed that the filler had hardened, not only that over the course of about 3 weeks it became hard, raised and lumpy. I was very worried; I contacted the clinic and was booked in to see Jenny O’Neill the Clinic Director. Prior to the appointment she rang me. I was frightened (I had Googled all the horror stories) and angry. Jenny assured me she would rectify the situation. When I saw her she assessed it and thought it was hardened scar tissue. I didn''t think it was and was worried she might be fobbing me off. We went ahead with her belief that it should be broken down with two sessions of Micro Dermabrasion and Dermaroller followed by PRP (platelet rich plasma). By the second session there was a massive improvement. She then popped some Botox in and we had a further follow up treatment, so a total of 6 complimentary treatments. I also had a complimentary peel. I felt compelled to write in because I was scared and annoyed that something had been carried out incorrectly and Jenny did absolutely everything to put it right. Furthermore, her assessment of the situation was correct. I was so impressed with their recovery service and will definitely return there for any future treatments. Sometimes our bodies do react differently.

August 11, 2015 | Beaconsfield
Hannah Benson No atings

Friendly, informative and supportive staff. Amazed at the results after only 7 weeks so can't wait to see the finished results. Would recommend Aspire and Coolsculpting to anyone looking to achieve their desired body and confidence when the gym still doesn't budge those stubborn areas. Thank you!!

July 16, 2015 | Newbury
Martin Rea No atings

I went to aspire for a consultation for laser hair removal. I had a practitioner called Leanne who was very experienced and put me at ease. I was quite skeptical of laser and if it did really work.The consultation covered all questions i had or concerns. I was very skeptical with the treatment and if it was going to work. I can say I have had a huge reduction on my back and underarm and I am only a few treatments in.The laser has had fantastic results for me. I would 100% recommend Aspire. professional clinic and results driven.

June 26, 2015 | berskshire
lindsey noon No atings

Professional, thorough, and very experienced. I have had my Botox done at the clinic by a lady called Jenny who was great. I am more than pleased with my results and they have lasted well. I also have had skin treatments with a lady called Leanne, again very experienced and my skin is glowing.I would highly recommend this clinic the staff are very helpful and results are great.

June 25, 2015 | berkshire
Dene Tonna No atings

I am particularly impressed by the level of professionalism and high quality after care provided. I have been visiting Aspire for 3 years now and I still remember my very first treatment, the team explained everything I needed to know about my procedure. After a few weeks, the result were exactly what I was expecting. The team at Aspire, take follow-up after care very seriously and always keep in touch. I would like to strongly recommend the team at Aspire for any kind of treatment. I''m proud to say that I will continue to be a customer of Aspire and look forward to my next visit.

September 10, 2014 | Reading, Berkshire
Rachel Ewins No atings

I had laser hair removal and had fantastic results and the service was great. Thank you :)

September 9, 2014 | Reading
miss b No atings

I came to aspire clinic a Year ago and had a consultation with Francesca she was very lovely and explained everything in detail. I decided to go ahead and have multiple areas treated and I'm so pleased.Francesca has looked after me throughout the course of my treatments and I can honestly say I have had fantastic results and it has been life changing. I would definitely recommend.

September 9, 2014 | wokingham
Pam Fox ★★☆☆☆

I found the clinic a bit pushy to sell products that I didn't intend to buy. Like the previous person commented, the Botox was really ineffective. I can only think it is mixed with saline to make it last longer, in effect watered down. This is what is have been told some practices do.

August 12, 2014 | Reading

Clinic Reply

I am very sorry that you feel your Botox is not working as well as it used to. First of all, I would like to say that we only use Botox® from Allergan in the Clinic, which is the best on the market. All Botox® is diluted with bacteriostatic saline to the manufacturer’s specifications, prior to injecting. There are a many potential reasons that it may not be lasting as well as previously and we would like to discuss these with you. We would also like to assure you that we want to give you the best results, so please give us a call and we will do whatever we can to ensure that we can resolve the situation. Kind Regards, Philippa

C j Fox No atings

I have had a few different treatments here. First time I was extremely impressed with results and customer service. I then returned and seemed like they didn't care they tried to get me to buy more treatments. I had a different young lady rather than Jenny to do my treatment and she was extremely rude and very rough.she didn't know pricing of anything it seemed like they make up the pricing based on the person I will not be going back to aspire as this time my treatment is pathetic and has not given me the results i wished for. Jenny Is such a lovely woman with a lot of experience and extremely good at explaining products and results However her staff let her down :(

October 19, 2012 | Reading

Clinic Reply

Hello, this is Jenny from Aspire. I am really sorry that you were unhappy with your latest treatment at our clinic and would very much like the opportunity to make amends. Feedback is extremely important to us and I treat it very seriously. Please call me on 0118 931 3575 and I will do my utmost to resolve the issue.

Nikki Pedraza No atings

I would never recommend this place to anyone. I had facial injections for £99, which is £10 more what I have had paid in London. During the first session the lady used so little botox that there were no results at all. Had to go again for a "top up" session, where she tried to convince me to have another area done for an extra ?99. I did not want to do it until I saw the results from the first area, and I was right! It has been less that a month, and the effect has completely dissapeared. It usually last up to three months. I believe they are only interested in getting my money not in the results. They try to save as much as possible, so do not use enough. I prefer to pay an extra and travel to London. Never again.

September 13, 2012 | Reading
lisa g ★★★★★

Jenny and Lisa put me completely at ease. Lisa explained the procedures I was undergoing.She made me fully aware of the pros & cons and I was able to make up my mind based on an informed decision. The procedures were pain free and I was amazed with the instant results the dermal fillers gave and the Botox worked a treat.I will definitely be going back for top ups and further treatments. I have also recommended Aspire to my friends.

Jan l ★★★★★

My experience with Aspire Medical Group has been first class. From my initial consultation to my pre and post operative care, I found the whole team to be highly professional and friendly. The team ensured all my questions about breast reduction were answered and they were available 24/7. I am thrilled with the results, and would have no hesitation in recommending Aspire Medical Group to anyone.

g h ★★★★★

Like many people Id always assumed that laser hair removal would be too expensive, but after a recommendation from a friend I contacted Aspire to find out more. I was genuinely surprised at how affordable it was, and delighted to find that after the first session 80% of the hair had gone forever with the next three sessions completing the treatment. Im absolutely delighted. I would happily recommend Aspire , they are lovely friendly people, highly professional and wonderfully discreet.

k i ★★★★★

Its taken me 3 years to pluck up the courage to have laser hair treatment and now I cant think why! Its like a magic wand, I saw amazing results after my first treatment. Lovely surroundings, very friendly, knowledgeable staff and everything was explained to me carefully beforehand. I would recommend Aspire highly.

a q ★★★★★

I first had microderabrasion and fruit peels to treat small patches of pigmentation on my face. These combined treatments complement each other and worked well to lighten the patches, whilst improving the skin texture and appearance. The treatments are also very relaxing and the end result is a healthy, glowing skin! The customer service at Aspire was exceptional as the treatments were explained very well to me, as well as the aftercare. I would like to say a massive thank you to both Lisa and Jenny as it was a relaxing experience with excellent results!"

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