Why you should only have fillers done by a Doctor/Nurse and not a Beauty Therapist

Posted on the 11 October 2012 at 09:44

Cosmetic Doctor, Dr. Mervyn Patterson has released a very useful infographic to explain the issues and dangers from seeking dermal filler treatments via un-medically qualifed Beauty Therapists as compared to medically trained Doctors and Nurses.

In it he explains the differing levels of training and competence between Doctors/Nurses and Beauty Therapists and their corresponding abilities, or not, to deal with complications and adverse events. Plus the regulation of the specialties.

Please see the infographic below.


Dermal Filler Infographic - Doctors& Nurses vs Beauty Therapists



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Try looking at beauty at home by Faye Dove.....beautician advertising Botox and fillers.

Residents of Mansfield Notts

Thank you for this anonymous information. Patient education is the only way forward until regulation catches up it seems.

Lorna Jackson | http://www.consultingroom.com