Our Philosophy

We provide consumers and clinics access to a dedicated comprehensive education and information resource for aesthetic treatments

Demand for cosmetic treatments linked to an explosion in new products/procedures and clinics offering a service have fuelled a need for quality information from consumers, press, clinics and practitioners involved in delivering treatments.

Having worked in this industry since 1994 – we know that there is a tendency for over-hyping of many products and procedures alongside playing down their potential risks. In addition, existing Government legislation regulating the industry is usually poorly understood by providers, press commentators and potential consumers.

This industry is becoming more confusing for all participants – and each year seems to bring additional complexities relating to legislation, training standards, controversial procedures and inappropriate marketing tactics.

Consulting Room will continue to use its unique industry contact network in order to provide accurate and balanced information for all of our users.

In particular our aims are:

To provide potential consumers and press representatives with a free and constantly updated database to help them with all aspects of researching and purchasing aesthetic treatments.

To provide clinics and practitioners with a subscription based service providing access to a comprehensive industry based information resource relating to the safe and effective delivery of aesthetic treatments.

To learn more about our background and expertise – please visit the About Us section of Consulting Room.