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At botonics we’ve developed a range of treatments that improve appearance contributing to your long-term health and happiness. Whatever your goal, we want to help you achieve it…. Beautiful breasts, shapely legs and bottom, a trimmer body, a fresher face, a flatter stomach, eyes that sparkle, all possible thanks to amazing technical advances in both non-surgical treatments and surgical procedures. You can correct a problem, minimise the signs of ageing or safely, quickly and permanently remove those stubborn pockets of fat. Our most popular treatments include: PLASTIC SURGERY · Vaser Lipo/Liposelection · SmartLipo/laser lipolysis · Tummy tuck/abdominoplasty procedures · Breast augmentation/reduction/lift · Face lift procedures · Eyelid/Eye Bag surgery/Blepharoplasty · Ear correction surgery/Otoplasty · Rhinoplasty/Septo-rhinoplasty procedures, COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY · Wrinkle-relaxing injections · Bruxism/jaw reduction injections · Excessive sweating (under arms, hands, feet) · Dermal fillers · Lip enhancement · Cheek enhancement · Tear trough enhancement · Non-surgical nose job · Dermaroller/medical needling treatments · Skin peel treatments · Roaccutane and other acne prescriptions · Prescription skin care · Mesotherapy for hair loss/skin rejuvenation · Transgender facial feature feminisation.

Treatments are suitable for both men and women who want to look their best for any occasion. So if you want to look sexy and confident for someone special, your career or that important birthday, it’s a good time to call botonics. You can have peace of mind because all our body contouring and cosmetic surgeries are carried out by expert, internationally renowned doctors and surgeons. Procedures are done in state of the art facilities that fully comply with all UK regulations. You’ll have great, natural looking results with minimal discomfort and downtime. Your botonics Practitioners are amongst the most experienced and respected aesthetic doctors in Europe. Our doctors are widely quoted in the press including TV’s Diet Doctors and How Young Can I Get as well as print media such as Mail on Sunday, Cosmetic Surgery Magazine, Sunday Times, Company Magazine, Daily Express, Men’s Health, Tatler, Elle, Grazia and many others. We’re able to see you weekdays, evenings and weekends at your convenience at any one of our growing list of clinic locations. Your discrete consultation is free and will be with one of our medical specialists; not a sales person…and we’ll only treat you if we’re confident we can achieve a great result. We understand your concerns and will care for you and treat you at all times as an individual.

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Non-surgical Nose Job Price: From £400 A non-surgical nose job treatment is an instant correction to improve the height of nose bridges, reduce the appearance of bumps, correct asymmetry following a surgical rhinoplasty and rebuild the nose following recreational drug use. Clinic's own information on Non-surgical Nose Job Treatment: nose-job/ Tear Trough Treatment Price: From £375 A tear trough treatment is an instant correction to loss of volume and hollows under the eyes using dermal filler injections. Eye hollows can develop from a young age, and are caused by genetics, lack of sleep, stress and poor diet. Clinic's own information on Tear Trough Treatment: Bruxism | Teeth Grinding | Jaw Clenching Price: From £600 for course of 2 treatments A teeth grinding bruxism treatment is a safe and simple solution to a common problem that causes excessively wide jaw muscles and irreversible wear on teeth. Excessive teeth grinding can cause over-development of the masseter (jaw) muscles, making your face appear unattractively wide. Clinic's own information on Bruxism Treatment: bruxism/ Vaser Lipo Price: From £2,400 VASER Lipo is a new technology that uses the gentle power of ultrasound to target only the fat you want removed, leaving all other tissues largely undamaged. Clinic's own information on Vaser Lipo:

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What is a non-surgical nose job?

In this video, Naruschka Henriques, Head of Cosmetic Dermatology at the botonics Plastic Surgery Group, discusses the non-surgical refinement of noses using dermal filler injections.

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Francesca Martin ★★★★★

I recently had the pleasure of visting botonics, as a transgender woman currently on the journey of transitioning I had no idea how easy, less expensive and discrete fillers could be and what they could actually do for me. I had a very prominent brow bone which was a very big insecurity of mine the first time I visited nurshka we went over what my face needed and how little Changes can actually make a big difference these changes have definitely helped me with the psychological side of my transition as I am only a few months in and have made a serious impact on me! I would recommend anyone that is considering any sort of surgeries - brow shaving, jaw reduction etc. Non surgical treatments are quicker and have less down time and both times visting botonics I had a little bit of swelling for a few days. The difference between the genders is tissue so of course having fillers would make complete sense for a MTF trans woman softening the tissue in the face can make features appear more feminine which also has faster results than any sort of surgery you would have and it would also give a more natural end result . I would seriously recommend anyone to visit nurshka at botonics shes a wonderful woman and her work is incredible xxx

Lara ★★★★★

Botonics changed me inside and outside so nicely. They provided me with a great experience with my first cosmetic procedure. I ended up with a much nicer profile and looking younger with their expertise! After signing up on their website for the free consultation, I received their newsletters and gentle encouragement to go forward with the free consultation. After months of deliberating I finally decided to go ahead. Even though there was no pressure, I really liked the communication I got from Botanics, it made me brave enough to go forward. I was pleased to see the staff was very nice and great to talk to. Bill, who I talked to many times was great at communicating with me and listening to my concerns. I got to meet with Dr. Goyal for my consultation and it was great to have his knowledge and agreement to my ideas on dermal filler for my face. I was glad to see that Dr. Goyal had much experience with situations like mine and listened to my concerns! I felt very comfortable with him. On the day of the procedure, I was very nervous. I was very pleased to know that Dr. Goyal was going to use a cannula that was going to greatly reduce bruising, but I was kind of scared of how it was going to feel. I was shocked at the first poke of anaesthetic, which is what actually hurt the most, and found that the rest of it just felt strange (but did not hurt). Most of the time I could not even feel anything! I really liked that he took his time to exam the results and make sure it was perfect. He was calm and collected and made me feel at ease. Bill was great about giving me the pricing upfront and taking payment. He also gave me tons of info on how to prepare for the procedure and how to recover smoothly. I bruised a bit on the bridge of my nose, but that cleared up in a few days. I also went back for a top up follow up appointment and really felt like things became most even and refined with a few extra injections. I was really very pleased that I chose Botoincs and will definitely use them again. I love my look and feel so much more confident. I hope more people use these expert doctors and feel their best, like I do. Good luck on your journey!

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Botonics Staff

Dr Simon Zokaie

Consultant Dermatologist

Naruschka Henriques Photo

Naruschka Henriques

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Dr Maurino Joffily Neto Photo

Dr Maurino Joffily Neto

Plastic surgeon specialising in SmartLipo/laser lipolysis, Macrolane, surgical procedures and injectable treatments. [More Info]

Mr Bill Green Photo

Mr Bill Green

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