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Blemish Clinic is conveniently located in Ramsbottom.

Here you can find out which treatments and products Blemish Clinic offers and which conditions their qualified staff can treat.

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Blemish Clinic are specialists in both dermatology and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. They provide top level care and specialist medical expertise. Blemish has been treating both private and NHS patients for more than 15 years with a wide range of experience in everything dermatological, from excessive body hair or sweating to anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation. For trusted and expert treatment of lumps, bumps, rashes, warts, moles and all things skin related the team at Blemish Clinic are committed to providing their patients with the very best clinical care and cosmetic treatments whilst remaining discrete, and highly qualified.

The Dermatology specialists at Blemish Clinic are not only experts in treating their patients but within their industry also lecture, train and mentor other Doctors and dermatology practitioners. Blemish's Managing Director, Jan Birch, has a hefty clinical research background having written and worked with top level dermatology experts on groundbreaking clinical papers including OMNILUX LED combination phototherapy for the treatment of Acne, Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer, Periorbital Wrinkles- Skin Rejuvenation, psoriasis, wound healing and pain management. Blemish is managed by the experienced clinicians who perform the minor surgical procedures and private Dermatology Consultations and offer general Dermatology Services. If you require diagnosis or treatment for a skin condition such as chronic dermatosis like psoriasis, eczema or acne or simply wish to improve and enhance your skin's appearance and fight signs of ageing, Blemish can guide you through the wide selection of options available to you.

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Micro-needling & Azzalure at the Blemish Clinic - Bury, UK

Laura talks about Micro-needling treatment and Azzalure injectables. This is is a local muscle relaxant adapted from the botulinum toxin type-A of Dysport® and is specifically designed for use in aesthetic indications. ----- Blemish clinic is a leading cosmetic dermatology clinic in Edenfield, Bury, United Kingdom. The team is led by Jan Clinton Birch who is a leading authority in the field of Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology and Clinical Research who personally has over 20 year’s experience. Visit us today

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Blemish Clinic Reviews

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Rude Notto ★★★★★

I recently visited the Blemish Clinic, and it was an exceptional experience. Jen and the staff were incredibly knowledgeable and attentive. Thanks to their expertise, my skin is feeling fantastic now. I highly recommend this clinic for anyone seeking effective skincare solutions.

February 5, 2024 | Bury
Juanita Templeton ★★★★★

The staff are very welcoming. Jan is very knowledgeable and professional. She made me feel completely relaxed during my procedure. I am extremely pleased with the results. I would recommend Blemish clinic to other people.

February 5, 2024 | Bury

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Blemish Clinic Address

Blemish Clinic, 40 Market Street, Edenfield, Ramsbottom, BL0 0JN

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Blemish Clinic Staff

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Jan Birch

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