Resource Centre for Aesthetic Clinic Relaunch

Access to this website is restricted to aesthetic industry clinic owners, groups and suppliers. To gain access please first complete the Register form below. Once registered you will be sent an email where you will be requested to opt-in (please check spam). You can then return to the site and simply enter the email that you used to register in the Sign in Tab. If you have any problems, please email:

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The Consulting Room have built and host the Covid-19 Relaunch Resource centre to help aesthetic businesses reduce the time taken to research and prepare for safe trading after lockdown.

We have invited clinic owners, suppliers and industry groups in the aesthetic community to contribute in helping to build a centralised set of resources that will guide clinics in providing the safest possible working environment for their staff and patients/clients over the coming year.

As there are still many unanswered questions, and as most aesthetic clinics and suppliers are working at reduced capacity, we hope that providing a centralised portal that we can all share and contribute too will help to reduce the time taken to provide solutions, and will be more efficient than sharing ideas across a multitude of different social media platforms.

We will provide regular updates for people who register for access to this resource as we add to or amend the information contained within.

This resource was launched with a limited amount of information on 10th May.

In the world that business owners operate in today, we understand that there is a fine line between help and advice and running the risk of litigation if information is misconstrued or utilised without thought and application. We also understand that information and advice will change, so please don’t sue us if any of the material contained within this site turns out to be incorrect at any point in time……CLICK HERE TO READ THE DISCLAIMER!

We hope that this resource helps businesses, in some small way, to avoid mistakes and reduce the time taken to effectively prepare your clinic for relaunch for what will be a challenging year ahead.

Wishing you the best of luck,

Ron & Martyn