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The three family doctors who run this clinic - Dr Malcolm Willis, Dr Kathy Kestin and Dr Mini Nelson - are highly experienced practitioners with postgraduate qualifications. We have spent many years running a very successful GP teaching practice based on personal lists and holistic care. We have now branched out into an aesthetic speciality that needs clients to feel totally confident in those who are treating them. This is especially important when dealing with intimate and sensitive areas.

Hair removal is our specialty using the best laser in the industry. All treatments of intimate areas are chaperoned and a partner or friend is welcome to accompany you.  We have four qualified operators; Dr Malcolm Willis, Dr Kathy Kestin, Dr Mini Nelson and Sister Alison McCurley. The first three are senior doctors who are full-time NHS GP’s and are actively involved in the teaching of medical students from UEA. Our subjects include Dermatology, Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine and Paediatrics. Alison is one of our senior Practice Nurses who will be available by specific request. We are very approachable, pleasant and professional. We are well used to dealing with sensitive problems with tact and humour. A female practitioner or chaperone will be present for all treatments involving intimate areas on women. Men may also ask for a chaperone if they wish. It is unusual to find such highly qualified practitioners as ourselves doing this sort of work. We do not employ beauticians or technicians. The results achievable from the Soprano machine is to a significant degree dependant on the adaptability and skill of the operator. We are not a factory and are not driven by shareholders. We are very specifically doing hair removal and will not be pushing you to buy dubious extras.

What should I expect? We shall introduce ourselves and ascertain what treatment you are hoping to have. We shall take a history and ask you to sign a consent form after answering any questions you may have. We shall agree in advance on fees. There are significant discounts for complete packages. Our prices are highly competitive being on average 30% less than many of the major chains and certainly below the prices being charged in areas where the Soprano is well established against the competition. We do not offer ‘essential aftercare products’ that cost the salons very little but are promoted as being worth large sums. No frills just results – and we are directly accountable for the quality of our results!

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Dr Malcolm Willis

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Dr Kathy Kestin

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