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January 27, 2019
What you promised in the consultation vs what was delivered: * 'An acne practitioner' - I do not know what you define as an 'acne practitioner' but what I got was a sales person. They had no specialist knowledge as far as I could tell, all she did was read the brochure on hydrafacial to me. Working in healthcare myself I understand the importance of presenting yourself in a professional and hygienic manner, the practitioner had long sleeves on underneath her tunic, hello bare bellow the elbows? I dont want to be presented with remnants of other peoples skin treatments on your sleeves. Her tunic was also dirty, I think it was pen so not unhygienic but its not exactly professional! * 'They'll ask you about how acne affects you, your medical history and if you've had any previous treatments' - She asked me about my history, in this I happened to mention previously seeing a dermatologist and being treated with roactane, she asked no further questions about what treatments I have tried at home recently. She did however later proceed to lecture me on my diet (despite me telling her I am a registered dietitian so do not need dietary advice) and skin regimen at home despite not having asked any questions about my current diet or skin regimen. I would also like to note that the pre-paperwork asked twice whether the skin complaint was impacting on my emotional well-being, both times I answered yes. I feel this was ignored and the whole consultation was handled very insensitively. * 'Your skin will be assessed to establish the grade of acne you're suffering with by removing your make up and using a skin scanner and magnifying lamp.' - I was not asked to take my makeup off at any point so I dont know how she could really have assessed my skin. There was also no skin scanner or magnifying lamp, she didnt even take a close look at my skin with the naked eye. I would go as far to say she never came closer than at least 5 steps away. She barely asked any questions before jumping into her hydrafacial sales pitch, she did for balance mention other skins peels available but gave very little detail. I would assume as the hydrafacial is a new treatment being offered at the bluewater clinic that there is a strong push to get everyone walking through the door onto that treatment. * 'Your practitioner will present a solutions plan to you, including regular progress checks. They will check the plan meets your expectations and if you have any concerns. Prices and payments will also be discussed with you' - I wouldnt say a plan was presented. I asked how many treatments of the hydrafacial vs the skin peels I would need, she said she couldnt say, just start with 6 and see how it goes. I asked in her professional opinion and based on her professional experience which treatment would she recommend, she didnt give a straight answer of course. I asked in her opinion did she think it would be worth while seeing one of the clinics dermatologist regarding restarting roactane. I have been told by my GP that a dermatologist would not prescribe it as my acne is not severe enough and I dont really want to pay a £150 fee to see a dermatologist for them to tell me they dont recommend it and to send me back to the clinic for one of the treatments already offered, again she couldnt answer just said youd need to see the dermatologist. I left clinic feeling crappier about myself than I did when I walked in. I had no answers to my questions and I was none the wiser on what treatment plan to go for or whether to get them to refer me to the dermatologist. Most of all I dont know what I paid £25 for. Suffering from acne, tried everything at home, getting no where with the GP.... DO NOT GO TO THE SK:N CLINIC AT BLUEWATER. Youll pay for a service that you wont receive and maybe you sign up for one of their treatments and maybe itll work but I have no confidence in their service. My search for help in managing my acne continues, as frustrated as I am Im not settling for an expensive treatment with no confidence that it will be provided in a professional and effective manner.

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