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At Matrix Clinicals we will always aim to give the results our clients pay for.

Our experienced staff understand that each individual is different, which is why we are able to get the most out of every treatment. With our team of experts including Medical and Cosmetic Consultant, with over 17 years experience, we are able to provide comprehensive care tailored to every individual helping us reach our aim and our clients demands. Being medically qualified we are able to give you appropriate advice and we're happy to accommodate any special requests you might have.


When attending Matrix Clinicals you will have the peace of mind that you are being treated with the utmost of profesionalism and by the highest qualified nurses and Doctors. We believe  in proficient and expert  service rather then just business.


In an industry where many providers have no medical qualifications and have  little more than a few days of training, and no physician supervision or accountability, MatrixClinicals  goes above and beyond to ensure you the safest and most effective cosmetic procedures  available by employing only highly qualified staff members and training them under the highest standards of medical care and customer service when performing procedures.


 We are always open to your questions  during or even after the treatment process to give you a complete satisfaction and rest assured that you are in safe hands all the way through.


We have proven to be the best value for your money and time. Some of the reasons for our excellence and popularity  are :


It is easy and convenient for clients to book appointments as we have tailored our opening times to suit your busy lifestyle; we are open on weekends and most evenings.


Initial consultation answers all the queries and concerns in an easy , understandable and non jargon format.


We Provide a comfortable and confidential environment , where clients feel at ease to discuss any queries they may have.


We Provide accurate, up to date  leaflets on client information, aftercare and prices.


Medical history is taken from the clients by the professionals within our clinic to determine which treatment is best for each individual. 


We Ensure the client fully understands the entire procedure before signing the consent.


We carry out appropriate patch tests to eliminate the chances of any alergic reactions. These are done free of charge.


Besides carrying out safe and effective treatments we also give considerate appropriate aftercare services.

Our Staff

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