How does the MonaLisa Touch for Vaginal Atrophy work?

3 women (2 of them are breast cancer survivors) talk about their experience associated with either physical changes and sexual problems they daily experience in their private life. A short study reveals how the most intimate discomforts from atrophic vaginitis can be solved by MonaLisa Touch® vaginal treatment by DEKA. These interviews highlight how vaginal dryness, painful intercourse and slight incontinence are daily common disturbances. These symptoms are often worsened by a deep sense of uneasiness and the inability for women to talk about them with their partners, it either affects their own psychological condition and, often, it makes them to feel as, though, they have lost their femininity. The cases shown in this video report the story of women who have been experiencing these problems for years. These women have been able, though, to take back their life just eliminating the bothersome problems associated with menopause thanks to the MonaLisa Touch® treatment, utilizing the new DEKA CO2 laser device that completely regenerates the tissues in the vulvovaginal region with no pain and no need of anaesthesia.

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