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PDO threads originate from the Far East, mostly South Korea. They are specialists at micro-engineering and their threads are based on PDO (polydioxanone) used as surgical sutures for over thirty years. These, too, dissolve after eight months, generating new collagen throughout that period. The Korean system has been used to make round oriental faces into longer, heart-shaped European ones and to make the large round heavy low face more angular, more pointed. We have adapted the technique for use on faces of all shapes and sizes and use the V Soft brand which has a CE mark. V Soft will achieve a subtle lift of the low face, adding generalised volume and refreshing the complexion. The threads can be concentrated around any problem area so are very versatile. They can be used for the whole face or certain areas such as the neck, mid-face or forehead. They can revitalise a previous face lift and complete a Silhouette Soft lift. Barbed threads are now available. These PDO threads include a unidirectional barb in their design that holds onto the tissues allowing both lift and volume. They fall between the simple PDO threads and Silhouette in their lifting capacity and are recommended for the forehead, cheeks and neck. They can be incorporated into a standard V soft treatment or a Silhouette treatment. The exciting aspect of threading is that they are all compatible and can be used in one treatment or over a period of time. The advantage is one of cost, simplicity in insertion and procedure time.

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