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Lorna Jackson
By Lorna Jackson

Lorna was Editor of Consulting Room (, the UK's largest aesthetic information website, from 2003 to 2021.

Recent months have seen two aesthetic industry awards events, namely the MyFaceMyBody Awards 2012 in November and the most recent Aesthetic Awards 2012-2013 from Cosmetic News Magazine.

Both events were high-profile, stylish and fun filled events designed to recognise excellence within our industry. Many congratulations to the various deserving winners.

This is all a bit too serious for us at this time of year though, so we have decided to come up with our own ‘Alternative’ awards, just like the annual Channel 4 Alternative Christmas message, i.e. the one not from the Queen...only much, much cheaper!

So here goes...

Bagel HeadThe Strangest Beauty Treatment of 2012 goes to...Bagel Head!

This odd trend from the body modification scene in Japan sees individuals having saline injected into their foreheads and then the centre pressed inwards with the thumb to create the ‘bagel’ shape. Taking 2 hours to perform, the results last less than a day before the saline is absorbed by the body.

We simply ask...why?

FlabeloslipoThe Device Most Like Something Out of Doctor Who goes to...the FLABéLOS Lipo

This ultrasonic cavitation device which utilises ultrasound, radio frequency, electrical muscle stimulation and bio-infra-red light methods for body contouring has a significant resemblance to, as one clinician called it, a ‘Camp Dalek’!

We couldn’t agree more, it would certainly get your attention if you saw that in a clinic! The glowing handpieces are placed on the body during treatment, but when fired up with the heads in their stored position it certainly looks like it means business at ‘exterminating’ fat!


Human BarbieThe Most Bizarre Transformation of a Human Being in 2012 goes to...Valeria Lukyonova, the Human Barbie.

Twenty-something Valeria from Ukraine is taking the globe by storm with her bizarre combination of cosmetic surgery, wardrobe and make-up style which leads her to take on a doll-like appearance with a very striking resemblance to the most famous doll on the market, Barbie.

The ‘living doll’, claimed by many to be a photoshopped fake, is now carving out a career as a model in the USA.

The Weirdest Product Advertising Campaign in 2012 goes to...Natox.

This skincare product which claims to be a ‘Botox-alternative’ has used a Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels style spoof for its advertising video, which sees the leather-clad, 52-year-old make-up artist Sue Moxley wander around a scrap yard crushing reading glasses, mobility scooters and shopping trolley bags, apparently saying ‘up yours to old age’ and promoting the cream.

Critics plenty, both for the cream’s claims and the advertising style, it is a brave and somewhat quirky approach to selling the £90 skincare product.

The Biggest Scandal of 2012 goes to...

Oh Goodness, where do we start! This year has certainly seen a fair few; from the ongoing PIP breast implant scandal, which has culminated in the change of ownership of the chain of clinics run as Harley Medical Group to avoid a mountain of legal claims which would’ve driven the parent company to bankruptcy, to a number of Cosmetic Doctors suspended by the GMC for everything from poor cosmetic surgery practices to remote prescribing scandals.

All scandals are by default a bad thing, so let’s hope that 2013, with the outcome of the Keogh report due in April, will mean that this award is no longer up for grabs!

The Funniest Video of 2012 goes to...Dr. Mervyn Patterson Does Gangnam Style.

As Dr. Patterson, from Woodford Medical Aesthetics said himself, someone in his office clearly has too much time on their hands, but hey, we just love it!

We appreciate this is all a bit of fun and does also truly demonstrate the extremes of the aesthetic and cosmetic surgery industry, rather than the norm. If you have your own entries for awards, you know we’d love to hear them, please comment below.

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