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Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors welcomes Instagram and Facebook age limit, backed by 74 per cent of Brits

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors welcomes Instagram and Facebook age limit, backed by 74 per cent of Brits

The new Instagram and Facebook rules preventing under 18s from seeing posts about cosmetic surgery are welcomed but could go further, with 74 per cent of Brits calling for an age limit earlier in the year.

Cosmetic Surgery Adverts and Love Island Reality TV, a Toxic Mix?

Recently we have seen a backlash in the media against the reality TV programme Love Island for its portrayal of modern beauty ideals which are said to increase body image pressures amongst young women and children. Moreover, the biggest complaint came about the inclusion of adverts for cosmetic surgery clinics within the scheduled programming.

How young is too young?...

The view of a young Aesthetician on Aesthetic treatment and teenagers. Young people, including myself, feel the constant pressure to look our best and with celebrities setting ridiculously high standards, it’s easy for them to feel like cosmetic treatments are the only way to achieve beauty.

The Kylie Jenner Question: Should teenagers be having cosmetic enhancement procedures?

Kylie Jenner`s admission has sparked outcry among cosmetic medical practitioners who have generally deemed the teen being too young for such a procedure. What are the implications of undergoing this temporary surgery as a teenager? Are these valid health concerns or is society?s ethical perception of elective surgery simply outdated?

Social media spawns good and bad trends for cosmetic industry - #kyliejennerchallenge should not be copied

We have all seen the power of social media and how this community based communication and sharing platform has spread into all aspects of our every day lives and activities. Unfortunately, it seems this can lead to social media led trends that are deemed unhealthy and potentially dangerous by medical experts.

Industry Mourns The Sad Loss of Pioneering American Cosmetic Dermatologist and `Baron of Botox`, Dr. Fredric Brandt

It has been reported that on 5th April 2015 American Dermatologist, researcher, author and pioneer in the cosmetic use of botulinum toxins and dermal fillers, Dr. Fredric Brandt sadly took his own life at his home in Florida.

Wacky Wednesday - Who`s Obsessed Now? I Didn`t Think So

You be the judge. Are the hateful judgers growing armpit hair and skipping the makeup, or just kidding themselves about the definition of natural? From where I`m standing the most confident, honest, authentic women in Hollywood get a little work done, own it, and proceed with the real joys in life.

Are women recently favouring a more masculine eyebrow?

According to a newly published study in the Clinical Plastic Surgery Journal, the arched brow is becoming a thing of the past. In other words, women are taking on a more masculine look.

The Consulting Room Alternative (Christmas) Aesthetic Industry Awards

Recent months have seen two lots of aesthetic industry awards events, namely the MyFaceMyBody Awards 2012 in November and the most recent Aesthetic Awards 2012-2013 from Cosmetic News Magazine. This is all a bit too serious for us at this time of year though, so we have decided to come up with our own Alternative awards.

The Plastic Surgery Dossier of James Bond, 007

Agent 007, James Bond, has recently resurfaced again in Operation Skyfall. As a surgical specialist, I have examined Mr. Bond, and have compiled the following report and made the appropriate recommendations for his overall reconstructive and aesthetic needs.

Get an instant Beyonce butt!

We all know how the Groove Armada song goes... I see you baby, shakin that ass, shakin that asss... so wouldnt it be great to have the perfect Beyonce-style tush for those summer holidays on the beach and those party nights? Well now you can thanks to Brazilian based company Abriluma who have come up with a semi-permanent buttock implant.

The Curse of Leslie Ash: Permanent Fillers cause Permanent Problems

When you set up your own Medical Aesthetics practise, you will quickly find a Ghost that haunts you. You will particularly experience her looming shadow if you decide to offer lip filler treatments. But we can pretty much guarantee that her name will crop up over and over regardless. I dont want to end up looking like Leslie Ash!: it is a plea from your clients that will become all-too familiar.

Angelina Jolie photographed at Screen Actors Guild Awards looking `vein`

Prominent veins on the hands and arms are more likely to be visible on women who, like Angelina Jolie, are slim and toned, because there is so little fat to disguise them.

How to get a new pair of beautiful looking lips for Christmas

Lips are an important part of facial beauty and whether you're 18 or 80, it's now easy to improve the size, shape and symmetry of your lips with a range of injectable lip filling products.

Are attractive people more successful?

In his new book Beauty Pays Hamermesh, a professor at the University of Texas, breaks beauty down into a 5 point rating system to try and prove the link between economics and beauty.

Outrage over Magazines 'crass' offer of Free Surgery

The October issue of Love It! Magazine has come under criticism from members of the aesthetic industry for their competition offering free surgery to its readers. The competition, entitled Who Deserves Cosmetic Surgery the Most, allows its readers to vote for the winner.

Want a derriere to rival Jenifer Lopez?... the secrets in the box!

For those women out there who want a more rounded derriere but dont want to indulge in surgical implants what can you do? Well, the folks at Bremenn labs have put their two cents in and come up with the solution: Butt lift in a Box.

My favourite non-surgical treatment - Fractional C02 Laser

New technologies are being launched all the time and the challenge for practitioners is to look beyond the marketing and separate the good science from the bad. We aquire aesthetic equipment only after careful research and so far have been very pleased.

Dark circles under eyes? Non-surgical solutions can help.

Dark circles under eyes are a common problem. These can result in a tired and dull appearance even though you may be full of energy. So what causes them?

Vain Rooney - Is the recent trend in male celebrities going under the knife making male cosmetic surgery more socially acceptable?

Footballer Wayne Rooney was in the press again recently. This time however it was not his antics on the pitch but his recent hair transplant that caused a stir. So is this rise in male celebrities undergoing cosmetic surgery encouraging the ordinary working man to do the same?

The Wayne Rooney guide to hair transplants... now hairs something you don't read every day!

Who knew Wayne Rooney had such comical roots? It seems Rooney has become the unofficial mascot of balding men everywhere. He's been championed for his outspokenness on the subject and praised for bringing publicity to the issue and sparked off a surge in similar hair loss procedures.

My Big Fat Plastic Surgery Prize Draw... are you big fat kidding me?

Last week we were dumbfounded by the announcement of My Big Fat Plastic Surgery Prize Draw a cosmetic surgery lottery held in a London nightclub and championed by the human Barbie, Sarah Burge, and ULuvka a Polish vodka company. This may sound like the start of a bad joke (which is exactly what we thought it was at first!) but its true...

Celebrity Cosmetic Disasters

There is no question that most of the before and after pictures I have been asked to review tend to demonstrate that these celebrities have all undergone some type of augmentation. What concerns me is the distorted aesthetic imbalances that I see and resultant ridicule that these people in the public eye have had to suffer because of an inability of the proceduralist to perform basic cosmetic tasks.