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Does sun exposure on the head result in hair loss?

Does sun exposure on the head result in hair loss?

Most Brits have experienced sunburn and one of the most common places for men is on their heads, but does it cause baldness? Let's ask a Dr...

Did you get sun burn over the bank holiday? Get expert advice from a dermatologist

We love the sun (and love SPF even more) but still get sunburnt every now and again so here are 7 life-changing tips for dealing with a painful sunburn.

Over half of people do not change skincare routine in winter, research suggests

Over half of the Irish public fail to adjust their skincare routine for cold weather, according to new findings by McCabes Pharmacy

Are wrinkles inevitable? How the sun can cause premature ageing.

Wrinkles ARE inevitable. As we age, there is an unavoidable deterioration in the quality of our skin.

I am as devoted to wearing sunscreen as I am to brushing my teeth

Do we REALLY need to be wearing SPF every day in every weather if we are just going to be inside all day? Well, let's find out...

Dry Skin? Self-regulate your skin’s thirst instead of reaching for the moisturiser this winter

The combination of cold weather, central heating and other environmental aggressors can make skin dehydrated and sore. This amalgamation zaps moisture away from the skin which leaves many of us grappling to apply heavy creams to help fight the dryness.

Autumn Skin Care - 3 Top Treatments To Rejuvenate Your Skin

Are you ready to embrace an Autumn Skin Care regime to help tackle some of the signs of premature skin ageing?

How to Identify the 5 Different Types of Melanoma

Skin cancer affects over 100,000 people in the UK alone, with a further 2,500 losing their lives because of it. Knowing how to identify skin cancer can save someone’s life.

Skin Cancer: A gentle reminder to be vigilant

I know that the 'Wear SPF daily! requests from healthcare professionals can seem a little repetitive, but overexposure to UV light is the main cause of non-melanoma skin cancer, a condition that presents in over 100,000 new patients in the UK every year.

Vitamin D – Everything You Need to Know

Vitamin D Deficiency has reached endemic proportions in many parts of the world. It is estimated that about 60% of Brits are Vitamin D deficient.

How much sun is healthy?

Does going without SPF in the sun ‘to help top up Vitamin D levels’ actually work? Do you need to risk skin damage to get a healthy dose of Vitamin D?

Autumn – the perfect season for an aesthetic treatment!

As Summer fades and Autumn approaches, it’s a time for digging out your warm clothes from the wardrobe, enjoying the great outdoors in its red, orange and gold glory, and treating your skin to a little TLC after a long summer in the sunshine.

Exercise is good for your skin!

Exercise is a great way to help you feel and look better, on the inside as well as the outside! As you exercise, blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin.

Welcome to Spring! Don't forget your sunscreen (SPF)

Welcome to Spring! It’s time for me to gently remind you all to wear SPF all year round, even when it feels like there is an Arctic chill in the air.

Pre-Wedding Skincare tips if you’re getting married this year!

If you’re getting married this year, I’m sure your to-do list for the year is probably fairly extensive already, but have you considered tackling any existing skincare concerns before your big day?

5 Tips for More Radiant Skin

I’d like to make some New Year's resolutions for looking after your skin, and make them as easy as possible with some incredibly simple tips for more beautiful skin - tips that don’t require a huge amount of thought or effort.

Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin

We?re constantly warning of the damaging and ageing effect of the sun?s rays on our skin, but in avoiding sun exposure, could we be doing ourselves more harm than good?

Are tanning tablets, pills or injections safe?

There are various tanning tablets around that claim to be able to improve your tan. But increasing our tan shouldn?t be a goal at all. I can?t recommend taking any of them, if your underlying aim is to get a deeper tan or a quicker tan, due to the inherent risks of excessive sun exposure. We should just be happy with our natural skin colour!

How to Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer

The sun?s rays can be very damaging to our skin and can hasten the aging of the skin. But if you are not careful, it will lead to a much serious formation of melanoma or skin cancer. So here are a few tips to care for your skin to prevent from getting skin cancer.

Why a holiday tan can be bad for your health

The moral of this story is - always wear sun protection to avoid damage to your skin and pre-mature skin aging.

Confused about UVA and UVB Skin Damage? Don`t worry there`s an App for that!

Suncare experts La Roche Posay have developed a new app to be used in the battle against Melanoma and raise awareness of the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays to the skin.

Are Sunscreens Really All They Are Cracked Up to Be?

The SPF of a sunscreen is a laboratory measure of the effectiveness of sunscreen - the higher the SPF, the more protection a sunscreen offers against UV-B (the ultraviolet radiation that causes sunburn).

Nanoparticle safety in sunscreens questioned yet again

Nanoparticles are used in cosmetics and in particular sunscreen products. What are they? Are they safe? Should you be worried?

What Should I Look For in Skincare Products? (Part 1)

If you could wave a magic wand and turn back time, what would you do? I would definitely, without a doubt, have ever, gone on a sunbed.