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Instantly Ageless miracle anti-wrinkle cream - Too good to be true?

You have probably heard about the new `miracle` wrinkle and eye bag reducing product with instant effects. However, does it really live it to its claims, if we have a close look at the ingredients?

Beauty Journalists - Do they know their stuff when it comes to cosmeceuticals?

It is quite frightening to talk to journalists who you assume know stuff, particularly when its their job to inform the average consumer. 90% of the journalists did not know what cosmeceuticals were, did not get the importance of them or indeed had no understanding of what constitutes good skin.

Surgical or non-surgical procedure? P.S. Don't leave skincare out of the debate!

While the surgical versus non-surgical debate looks set to get even hotter, lets not forget the crucial supporting role that skincare plays in keeping skin looking younger for longer.