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Danielle Lowe
By Danielle Lowe

Danielle Lowe is the Marketing Manager for ConsultingRoom.com, (www.consultingroom.com) the UK’s largest aesthetic information website. 

No one can accuse the Aesthetic Industry of being stagnant. With new technologies and innovations flooding the market on a daily basis the need for constant education is crucial.

Here at the Consulting Room we pride ourselves on our knowledge of all things Aesthetic. From the UK launch of Botox in the early 90s, to launching our unique aesthetic information website the Consulting Room, to helping found FACE - the UKs largest facial aesthetic conference and exhibition giving delegates continued and extensive learning annually -  we have become a hub of information for the Industry. We are always designing new concepts to benefit businesses and our latest website is a dedicated training services portal hosting information related to all aspects of training and education – www.cosmetictraining.co.uk.

Cosmetic Training will become the UK reference site for all aspects of training and valuable education related to the cosmetic non-surgical and surgical market.

Whether you’ve been in the Aesthetic business for more years than you care to remember, trying to launch a new product or clinic or a complete novice just starting out, we can help you find all levels of suitable training.   

Cosmetic Training is a focused directory bringing together key training opportunities and events. The dedicated and unique reference site will provide information about all areas of the Aesthetic business:

Cosmetic Training Features:

From our already established database of clinicians, practitioners and other industry professionals we will send a monthly targeted email to update recipients on the upcoming and latest events and opportunities.  

 A recent article from ASAPS announced that the cosmetic surgery industry has surged in recent months despite the continuing recession. International suppliers Allergan have even reported a 20% rise in dermal filler sales from pre-recession figures. This is just a small part of the rise of non-surgical procedures over the last few years. In this rapidly growing side of the industry, ASAPS reports that in 2010 83% of the total 10 million procedures carried out were non-surgical – that’s a massive 228% rise since 1997, highlighting the need for continued training.

Furthermore, with over 40,000 Procedures performed in Britain in 2010, we are constantly seeing emerging trends and new procedures. In the past month alone we have reported on the increase in Cankle Removal procedures, a new Breast Augmentation utilising patients own fat tissue and reported on the rise in the number of umbilicoplasty and toe-tuck procedures! 

Therefore it’s important for you and your staff to keep constantly updated on all the changes in this fast-paced business and with http://www.cosmetictraining.co.uk it’s easier than ever!

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