God Bless America For Their Regulation!

Martyn Roe
By Martyn Roe

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News published on The Consulting Room™ from the Physician’s Coalition for Injectable Safety (PCIS) shows that they are concerned about the trend of ‘Teen Toxing’ developing in the UK.

This is based on the recent reports in the Daily Mail about Sarah Burge, (the world record holder for the most cosmetic surgery procedures) injecting her 16-year-old daughter, Hannah with Botox® in an effort to prevent wrinkles.

The Physician’s Coalition for Injectable Safety’s response made me think.

Firstly, does one idiot constitute a trend? And secondly, how refreshing it is that there is a Physician’s Coalition for Injectable Safety in the US with 5,000 members.

The interesting point is that aside from there being no evidence that Botox® actually prevents ageing from happening, there has been little comment in the UK that Hannah’s own mother is the one actually injecting her.

Sarah Burge is apparently a “Trained Aesthetic Practitioner” but what does that mean? Is she a Doctor? A Dentist? A Nurse Prescriber? No, she is none of those, but as I suspected a beauty therapist.  Somewhere a prescribing person is writing this woman's prescriptions so that she can get the product directly from the manufacturers as she claims in the news reports!

Does the GMC know about this and why is nothing done in the UK about the ridiculous practise of remote prescribing? It would not be allowed in the U.S. where only medically qualified and trained people are allowed to administer any injectables. In the UK constant failure to understand this growing industry by successive governments has meant no regulation at all and the GMC is hardly keeping its own house in order.

Remote prescribing was initially allowed so that parents could inject their children with insulin at home, and also so a visiting nurse could administer drugs during a home visit under the instruction of the patient’s Doctor who knew and had seen the patient. Now, this law is being misused to make money.

As the PCIS comment:

This case raises the question of who is responsible for injecting it and dealing with the technical difficulties, risks and the informed consent process,” says Roger Dailey, MD, Coalition leader and a former President of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS). “If a complication occurred, will they be prepared to deal with the consequences?”

Never mind will they be prepared to deal with the consequences, will she be able?

So God Bless America for having the right legislation in place and having doctors who are willing to work together for patient safety!

As for Sarah Burge, her claim to fame is that she is the world record holder for the most cosmetic surgeries on one person and is known in the media as the ‘Real Life or Human Barbie’. I suggest that this practice also makes her a good contender for most irresponsible parent of the year and goes along way towards proving that her intellect lives up to that of her plastic doll name sake!

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