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Over half of people do not change skincare routine in winter, research suggests

Over half of people do not change skincare routine in winter, research suggests

Over half of the Irish public fail to adjust their skincare routine for cold weather, according to new findings by McCabes Pharmacy

Can natural remedies cure vaginal dryness?

The rise of celebrity and social media culture has formed a dangerous trend of beauty and health hacks. Rumours about natural remedies with the potential to cure women’s health problems, such as vaginal dryness, have been circulating in recent years. But is there actually any truth to them?

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad - The Risks of Medical Tourism

For those thinking of getting cosmetic surgery, getting it done abroad may seem like an appealing option.

How to strengthen pelvic floor muscles

The benefits of pelvic floor exercises are well-documented, and are recommended to help prevent problems such as stress urinary incontinence and a prolapsed uterus. Despite this, a recent survey conducted by Health & Aesthetics revealed that a third of women who have had or are expecting a baby admitted to never practising the exercises.

Nearly two-thirds of men dislike their bodies but many are too embarrassed to change it

More than 60% of men admit to being unhappy with their bodies, but many are reluctant to take positive action to address the problem.

Young women risk weight gain through misconception over junk food

Young women are ignoring the dangers of junk food while assuming that pregnancy will definitely have a negative impact on their body shape, new research shows.

Stress and anxiety are the biggest cause of ageing in Surrey and the South East

A recent poll of over 1,000 women, who live in Surrey and the South East, has revealed that the majority believe stress and anxiety have aged them the most since turning 30.

Tudor beauty tips...some things really are best left to the history books!

Sometimes, after a long day at work, a simple beauty routine like ‘cleanse’ and ‘moisturise’ can seem two steps too long. Imagine, if you will, waking up in Tudor England as a lady from a wealthy family.

How young is too young?...

The view of a young Aesthetician on Aesthetic treatment and teenagers. Young people, including myself, feel the constant pressure to look our best and with celebrities setting ridiculously high standards, it’s easy for them to feel like cosmetic treatments are the only way to achieve beauty.

Smartphone selfies don’t tell the ‘tooth’ about your smile say dentists

A London based dental clinic, the London Smile Clinic, has seen a 30% rise in patients wanting cosmetic dental treatment so that they look better in ‘selfies’. 

Experts Slam Self Injecting Vloggers that are Causing Public Harm and Damage

The  Safety in Beauty Campaign is aware of a number of complaints being brought forward by members of the public self-injecting dermal fillers and botulinum toxin after watching You Tube Beauty Vloggers and self professed “experts’ publish on line video tutorials.

#IMPLEOTwist-ing All Over The World

How many surgeons does it take to twist a breast implant? This was the question asked at Europe?s biggest aesthetic surgical trade show, where they were doing a new social media craze, the #IMPLEOtwist.

Is a cosmetic treatment `worth it` - the RealSelf community tries to help you to decide

With 51 million visitors in 2014, has created the world's largest community of patient-generated, independent reviews of cosmetic treatments. When a visitor posts a review they have the option to choose how 'worth it' the particular treatment was, taking into account the cost of it and the results that they achieved.

AspireAssist System: Controversial `Eat like a pig` slimming device set to arrive in Britain

This weekend the press reported a new solution for weight loss. The headline read - The `eat like a pig` slimming device - Controversial product pumps users stomach after food binges. And that, in a nutshell, sums up how this new device claims to work.

Teen Screen Addiction: The Generation Y Digital Experiment

This mindless and purposeless browsing on smartphones means the number of hours we spend looking at screens has dramatically increased over the past 30 years which has correlated with a steep increase in short-sightedness and the search for vision correction with laser eye surgery.

The Kylie Jenner Question: Should teenagers be having cosmetic enhancement procedures?

Kylie Jenner`s admission has sparked outcry among cosmetic medical practitioners who have generally deemed the teen being too young for such a procedure. What are the implications of undergoing this temporary surgery as a teenager? Are these valid health concerns or is society?s ethical perception of elective surgery simply outdated?

Social media spawns good and bad trends for cosmetic industry - #kyliejennerchallenge should not be copied

We have all seen the power of social media and how this community based communication and sharing platform has spread into all aspects of our every day lives and activities. Unfortunately, it seems this can lead to social media led trends that are deemed unhealthy and potentially dangerous by medical experts.

Tattoo taboo: are employers discriminating against body art?

Despite the increase (and apparent acceptance) of tattoos, whilst it is generally agreed that having body art alone has no bearing on someone?s ability to do the job in hand, a large percentage of my laser tattoo removal clients are having treatment in order to secure their dream job.

What is All The Fuss About Google Plus?

Google+ (pronounced and sometimes written as Google Plus) is a social networking and identity service. Why is Google+ important if you are in business?

The Significance of Hair: Why It is OK for Men to Care Too

With most people in the UK experiencing some hair loss before the age of 50, it?s a common concern for both men and women and a legitimate one too.

Rise of Teenage Botox

The rise of teenagers demanding anti wrinkle injections should worry everyone in the industry. Some clinics in the UK are reporting parents accompanying their teenage children to the clinic in the mistaken belief that they can provide consent for their child.

Selfies and social media increasing demand for cosmetic surgery

With our online lives becoming more and more like visual representations of ourselves, the notion of the ?selfie? has become increasingly popular in our society. This awareness of how we are perceived on social networking sites has led to an increase in facial cosmetic surgery.

Dental Tooth Tattoos, the latest Extreme Body Art?

Have you run out of space on your skin? Well, maybe its time to consider a tattoo on your teeth! In fact last week the Daily Mail ran an article which asked if you were bored with body art and noted that tooth tattoos are becoming an emerging trend as people seek to decorate their mouths with images of their favourite things.

Are tanning tablets, pills or injections safe?

There are various tanning tablets around that claim to be able to improve your tan. But increasing our tan shouldn?t be a goal at all. I can?t recommend taking any of them, if your underlying aim is to get a deeper tan or a quicker tan, due to the inherent risks of excessive sun exposure. We should just be happy with our natural skin colour!

Wacky Wednesday - Who`s Obsessed Now? I Didn`t Think So

You be the judge. Are the hateful judgers growing armpit hair and skipping the makeup, or just kidding themselves about the definition of natural? From where I`m standing the most confident, honest, authentic women in Hollywood get a little work done, own it, and proceed with the real joys in life.

Facial Hair Transplants: The Latest Frontier For Men

Facial Hair Transplants or Beard Transplants have exploded in the news recently, despite not being all that new. Of course, it?s a more of a niche procedure. Its popularity is dwarfed by interest in hair transplants to the scalp but nevertheless we are seeing a growing number of men interested in the procedure.

Slimming, sleeping and anti-ageing supplements, beneath the celebrity hype

A recent article revealed what they describe as a new weapon in the anti-ageing arsenal of A list celebrities. Nutrient supplements claiming to reduce body fat are always popular but with so many brands on the market it can be hard to know which ones work and which are just hype.

Are women recently favouring a more masculine eyebrow?

According to a newly published study in the Clinical Plastic Surgery Journal, the arched brow is becoming a thing of the past. In other words, women are taking on a more masculine look.

Florid Rash Caused by Vitamin B12 Injections Administered by Nurse in Beauty Salon?

This is a case report highlighting an unusual presentation of a woman suffering from acne like symptoms potentially associated with high levels of Vitamin B12. The woman presented with a florid, red, spotty and pustular rash over her face, neck and shoulders. Upon taking a history, the woman had recently received 3 weekly injections of vitamin B12, administered privately by a nurse in a local beauty salon without any screening for vitamin B12 deficiency.

Understanding the Risks of Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Recent reports indicate that health tourism and in particular the phenomenon of patients travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery procedures is on the rise. Some common issues which may arise and pitfalls to be aware of when patients travel abroad for cosmetic surgery include.

Confused about UVA and UVB Skin Damage? Don`t worry there`s an App for that!

Suncare experts La Roche Posay have developed a new app to be used in the battle against Melanoma and raise awareness of the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays to the skin.

A Bum Note: What is causing an increasing number of women to turn to surgery in search of the perfect bottom?

So when did this obsession for the perfect bottom begin? Now celebs are ensuring that either the larger, or more perfectly shaped, posterior remains unrivalled in its appeal and is consequently becoming one of the most popular body enhancements in the US today.

Are Nipples Really So Offensive?

If you are a social media user / yummy mummy / avid news-follower / combination of all three, you may have noticed the uproar about Nipples. Perhaps you even joined in the debate. Social Media giants Facebook have long been censoring photographs containing breastfeeding images. How does this relate to cosmetic surgery?

Get an instant Beyonce butt!

We all know how the Groove Armada song goes... I see you baby, shakin that ass, shakin that asss... so wouldnt it be great to have the perfect Beyonce-style tush for those summer holidays on the beach and those party nights? Well now you can thanks to Brazilian based company Abriluma who have come up with a semi-permanent buttock implant.

BAAPS Figures 2011: A Sign that we're coming to terms that Plastic Surgery is part of our Society

There is some truth in the statement that cosmetic surgery has become an accepted norm in society. Certainly more and more people are choosing to go under the knife than say 20 years ago. However in contrast to 20 odd years ago when those who went down the surgery route were the only ones who could truly afford it, there is now a growing number of people who are prepared to borrow money for their surgery, or can take advantage of repayment schemes offered by clinics to fund their procedure.

Economic worries not affecting cosmetic surgery take-up; according to BAAPS 2011 statistics

According to the 2011 statistics released today from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) who have audited their members and returned a 5.8% rise in the number of surgical procedures performed by its members in the UK over its 2010 figures.

2011: The Year in Cosmetic Surgery Stories

With 2011 at an end and 2012 already well upon us, the past twelve months have proven to be a bustling time, not merely for the cosmetic industry itself but for their media counterparts also. 2011 was a year when many cosmetic surgery stories came to light.

Facelifts; non-surgical and surgical skin smoothing options

Cosmetic surgery alterations are growing at a rapid pace, trending alongside the incredible advances in technology and new medical breakthroughs. Today, more treatments along with greater accessibility means more and more women (and men) are enhancing or rejuvenating their appearances than ever before.

Botox Sales & Botox Training Courses in UK Economic Crisis and The Outlook is Good!

As the Financial Times annouces soaring sales in the Botox European Marketplace, Cosmetic Courses annouce that despite the economic gloom delegates have attended Botox training courses in record numbers in 2011.

The beauty trade-off: Would you trade a year of your life to acheive your ideal weight?

Earlier this year The Succeed Foundation conducted research into the importance female university students place on appearances and in a modern day Faustian tale, discovered that 30% of women would trade at least one year of their life to achieve their ideal body weight and shape. What would you trade?

Sandcastles, Sightseeing and Surgery - Summers over but is medical tourism here to stay?

As the summer draws to a close and the beach resorts of Spain and the canaries are closing for the winter, have you given any thought to your next getaway? For some people, a holiday is about more than sandcastles and sightseeing its about cheap cosmetic surgery.

OAP to OMG: The rise of 'silver' cosmetic surgery

Silver surgery has become a hot topic around the world thanks to one woman: Marie Kolstad. The 83-year-old has made headlines around the globe after revealing her breast implants. As is to be expected, it's an operation that's proved pretty controversial.

Pain - expected versus actual differs when it comes to medical aesthetic treatments - survey data

In our Clinic, MediZen, we chose to undertake an audit to assess patients expected discomfort with actual discomfort levels when undergoing a cosmetic procedure.

New research suggests obituary photos exhibit a bias towards ageing

If we were to blog that women show a bias towards anti-ageing Im guessing people wouldnt be too surprised, however what if we were to tell you that it concerns the recently deceased?

Whats the difference between natural breasts and implants... 1/7th of a coconut apparently!

Cosmetic information website Cosmetic Surgery Guru has put together the very breast of British which details the way the nation feels about breasts and are encouraging the nation to ask the questions they are too scared to ask for instance did you know that 63% of the nation would like bigger breasts albeit just the women we hope!

Vain Rooney - Is the recent trend in male celebrities going under the knife making male cosmetic surgery more socially acceptable?

Footballer Wayne Rooney was in the press again recently. This time however it was not his antics on the pitch but his recent hair transplant that caused a stir. So is this rise in male celebrities undergoing cosmetic surgery encouraging the ordinary working man to do the same?

The Wayne Rooney guide to hair transplants... now hairs something you don't read every day!

Who knew Wayne Rooney had such comical roots? It seems Rooney has become the unofficial mascot of balding men everywhere. He's been championed for his outspokenness on the subject and praised for bringing publicity to the issue and sparked off a surge in similar hair loss procedures.

Nip & Tuck on Tick - Why buying Cosmetic Surgery on 0 Percent Credit Cards is the new trend

Finding the money to pay for an operation which costs as much as a decent second hand car can be a problem, but it seems credit cards are coming to the rescue more and more often nowadays.

Cosmetic surgery is Surgery - making the right choice.

It has been a strained week for the cosmetic surgery industry. A UK plastic surgeon is being sued for 54 million by a patient for a facelift gone wrong. A young british woman dies after travelling to American to have injections to enlarge her buttocks in a hotel room.

How to have cosmetic surgery abroad SAFELY

Why do people travel abroad for cosmetic surgery. Well, unfortunately, in most cases it is to save money. And this is fundamentally the wrong way to approach any surgery, let alone surgery abroad in unfamiliar surroundings. So how can you travel to a world expert abroad and have a safe, and successful experience?

Miss Cosmetic Surgery Transformation UK 2011 Trivialises Surgery Says Industry

Has cosmetic surgery changed your life and looks? Then why not enter Britains first ever beauty pageant open only to women whove had cosmetic surgery. Thats the strap line for the Miss Cosmetic Surgery Transformation UK 2011 contest sponsored by Linda Briggs Ltd. This type of contest trivialises the serious nature of cosmetic surgery.

2010 Website Traffic Statistics -

From January 1st 2010 to 31st December 2010 just over 1.2 million individual sessions were served by, with an average of just over 100,000 people visiting the website each month. This shows a rise on our 2009 figures and brings us back in line with our 2007 web traffic figures, prior to the onset of the current economic conditions.

Looking back and forward on a year in the Aesthetic Industry

2010 has been yet another fascinating year in the history of the aesthetic industry. 2011 will undoubtedly bring another year of controversy, scare stories, new products, maybe some consensus regarding VAT (?!), and more madcap news about cosmetic treatments!

Does Mummy really know best when it comes to Teen Toxing?

I first wrote a blog about the new phenomenon of Teen-Toxing back in March 2010. This in itself is a very bad sign of the times. But as always, they like to go one better in America. In Closer magazine, the story headlined, I give my little girls Botox to make them beautiful is a disturbing account of a 41 year old woman in Texas who buys botulinum toxin and fillers off the internet and injects her 11 and 12 year old daughters!

Beauty Journalists - Do they know their stuff when it comes to cosmeceuticals?

It is quite frightening to talk to journalists who you assume know stuff, particularly when its their job to inform the average consumer. 90% of the journalists did not know what cosmeceuticals were, did not get the importance of them or indeed had no understanding of what constitutes good skin.

Celebrity Cosmetic Disasters

There is no question that most of the before and after pictures I have been asked to review tend to demonstrate that these celebrities have all undergone some type of augmentation. What concerns me is the distorted aesthetic imbalances that I see and resultant ridicule that these people in the public eye have had to suffer because of an inability of the proceduralist to perform basic cosmetic tasks.

Ugly Face of Beauty: Channel 4 Highlights Need to Take Cosmetic Surgery Seriously

Channel 4 launched its new series this week focusing on The Ugly Face of Beauty. Fronted by well known Embarrassing Bodies and Supersize versus Superskinny presenter Dr. Christian Jessen, the series takes a look at the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery in the UK.

Hair today...Gone tomorrow...Back again soon...but can you tell?

Can you really tell if someone has had a hair transplant operation?

First came Teen Tanorexics, now comes the rise of Teen Toxing

Reports in the press this week have highlighted the story of Hannah Burge, daughter of the Real Life or Human Barbie who has become the youngest known person to receive injections of botulinum toxin at the age of 15

Trends In Natural Lip Enhancement with Restylane

Throughout history lips have always attracted the most attention as the most sensual feature of the face. Lip enhancement can deliver lips that are soft, sensuous and in harmony with your looks.