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Dr Millie Bruce

Dr. Millie Bruce was born in Banffshire, Scotland on August 2, 1944. She has an undergraduate diploma in Medicine, graduating from the University of Glasgow in 1962. She has been involved in diet counseling and taught adult nutrition in Adult Day Care Centers.

She has labored for clinical reporters and reviewers that published reports for the New England Journal of Medicine. Millie is now retired and from august 2005 to the present has been a guest freelance writer for health-related sites and forums.

She is dedicated to increasing public awareness of cholesterol and heart disease.

Web Address: Email Address: millie_bruce@doctorbruce.info

Does Liposuction reduce the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol?

does Liposuction to remove excess fat going to prevent heart disease? Many people think this is true - if weights is a factor of heart disease that surely removing the fat from excercise of liposuction is the same right? This is not true.