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Edward Roberts-Beardsell

Edward Roberts-Beardsell is a skilled Organic Performance Strategy Manager.

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Fly-In-Fly-Out Cosmetic Surgeons: What Are The Risks?

The term `fly-in-fly-out` surgeons or `seagull surgeons` has been coined to refer to practitioners who carry out work on a short term basis but are not permanently resident in the UK. Unlike British surgeons, foreign surgeons are not legally required to have UK medical indemnity insurance in order to carry out procedures in Britain.

A Bum Note: What is causing an increasing number of women to turn to surgery in search of the perfect bottom?

So when did this obsession for the perfect bottom begin? Now celebs are ensuring that either the larger, or more perfectly shaped, posterior remains unrivalled in its appeal and is consequently becoming one of the most popular body enhancements in the US today.

BAAPS Figures 2011: A Sign that we're coming to terms that Plastic Surgery is part of our Society

There is some truth in the statement that cosmetic surgery has become an accepted norm in society. Certainly more and more people are choosing to go under the knife than say 20 years ago. However in contrast to 20 odd years ago when those who went down the surgery route were the only ones who could truly afford it, there is now a growing number of people who are prepared to borrow money for their surgery, or can take advantage of repayment schemes offered by clinics to fund their procedure.

2011: The Year in Cosmetic Surgery Stories

With 2011 at an end and 2012 already well upon us, the past twelve months have proven to be a bustling time for the cosmetic industry and their media counterparts.

Taxing Beauty: How will the new VAT rulings affect the Cosmetic Industry?

It has been 2 months since the annoucement that Cosmetic Surgery was to be subjected to a 20% VAT increase but there is still ambiguity over the proposed changes and have many in the industry questioning the changes.

Vain Rooney - Is the recent trend in male celebrities going under the knife making male cosmetic surgery more socially acceptable?

Footballer Wayne Rooney was in the press again recently. This time however it was not his antics on the pitch but his recent hair transplant that caused a stir. So is this rise in male celebrities undergoing cosmetic surgery encouraging the ordinary working man to do the same?