Michael Saul

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Michael Saul

Partner at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors.

Michael Saul heads up TJL Solicitors' cosmetic surgery negligence department, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors - the first specialist legal department in England and Wales dedicated to helping victims of negligent cosmetic surgery.

His team has successfully concluded many cases arising from the full range of cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments.

Web Address: https://www.cosmeticsurgerysolicitors.co.uk/ Email Address: enquiries@tjlsolicitors.co.uk

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors welcomes Instagram and Facebook age limit, backed by 74 per cent of Brits

The new Instagram and Facebook rules preventing under 18s from seeing posts about cosmetic surgery are welcomed but could go further, with 74 per cent of Brits calling for an age limit earlier in the year.

Cosmetic surgery: knowing your rights if something goes wrong

There is a great deal of confusion that surrounds the aesthetic industry and what procedures within it are subject to regulation. As the popularity of cosmetic procedures continues to rise, so too do the number of complaints and the volume of incidents involving risky practices and untrained or inexperienced practitioners.