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Pre- and post-op gastric band weight loss surgery care

If youre considering embarking on a weight loss journey, or have tried every diet, fad and exercise routine you possibly could, theres nothing wrong with getting a bit of help. Procedures like the gastric band have helped many overweight and obese patients transform their bodies and increase their overall quality of life.

Confidence and breast enlargement, do surgically improved breasts really increase self-esteem?

Breasts are often idolised as the definitive ideal of femininity. In 2011 breast augmentation proved the most popular cosmetic procedure among women in the UK. Despite the variety of shows aimed at debunking the myths of the perfect body shape increasingly more and more ladies are going under the knife.

Facelifts; non-surgical and surgical skin smoothing options

Cosmetic surgery alterations are growing at a rapid pace, trending alongside the incredible advances in technology and new medical breakthroughs. Today, more treatments along with greater accessibility means more and more women (and men) are enhancing or rejuvenating their appearances than ever before.