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Dr Rupert Critchley

Dr. Rupert Critchley BM MRCGP qualified as a medical doctor in 2009 and is a fully qualified and practising General Practitioner. Since beginning his medical career, he quickly developed a passion and keen eye for aesthetics which led him to establish his own industry-leading practice, VIVA Skin Clinics.

Specialising in dermal filler treatments, Dr. Rupert has performed thousands of procedures over the years, taking a holistic, safe and standardized approach that follows the MD codes and ensures effective yet natural-looking results that tweak and fine-tune features. He is one of 4 mentees selected for the Allergan International Team, representing and speaking on behalf of Allergan, conducting training for other medical professionals and being part of a medical advisory committee involved in trialling new products and treatments.

Further to this, Dr. Rupert is an ambassador for the JCCP and a registered practitioner with Save Face, demonstrating his commitment to safety and best practice.

Specialising in natural-looking dermal fillers, led him to develop his exclusive treatment, the 3D Face Refresh- an innovative procedure designed for younger clients to tweak and refine multiple areas of the face in a safe, natural-looking and standardised way. 

Web Address: https://www.vivaskinclinics.com/ Email Address: info@vivaskinclinics.com

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