Dr Gurs Sehmi (BDS)

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Dr Gurs Sehmi (BDS)

Dr. Sehmi BDS BSc is a London based cosmetic dentist with clinics is Kensington, Victoria and Hertford. His special interest is in improving smiles with adult braces, smile designs and tooth replacements with dental implants. Having trained with the best dentists in each field, Dr. Sehmi is uniquely positioned to provide a vast array of treatments, so his patients enjoy the most suitable treatment plans. 

Dr. Sehmi is also one of the cosmetic dentists at the world class cosmetic dental clinic - The Perfect Smile Studios & Academy, in Hertford. 

He was also shortlisted for Best Young Dentist - London award at The Dentistry Awards 2012. 

Web Address: http://www.drsehmi.co.uk Email Address:

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