Viscoderm Hydrobooster - the perfect prescription for ageing skin

Posted on the 18 December 2018 at 12:35

If your skin feels dull, dry and lacklustre and fine lines and wrinkles have become more noticeable over the last few years (particularly around the mouth, eyes and forehead) I have discovered a new and revolutionary treatment that could be of interest to you; Viscoderm Hydrobooster treatments, from the makers of Profhilo, THE treatment for 2019!

What is Viscoderm Hydrobooster?
Viscoderm Hydrobooster is not a filler but an injectable Hyaluronic Acid product that has been expertly formulated to not only improve skin’s elasticity and radiance, but also to help smooth superficial fine lines and wrinkles caused by dynamic facial expression.

Research and training
As with every non-surgical aesthetic treatment that I offer, I have carried out extensive research into the treatment and also attended a fantastic procedure masterclass at the Royal Society of Medicine so that I had the opportunity to see and experience the results first-hand. I only add treatments to my own clinic that I am totally confident are both safe and effective for my patients. I am really excited about the incredibly positive results that I have already seen from this innovative new treatment.

Anti-ageing benefits
Viscoderm Hydrobooster has a dual action. It provides deep hydration and bio-stimulation to improve elasticity, radiance and smoothness. It also has a unique stretching effect to reduce superficial wrinkles. Effectively, it works from the inside out, helping to restore the support structures of the skin tissue.

Treatment Timetable
To ensure that patients see the best results possible from Viscoderm Hydrobooster treatments, two separate treatments are recommended (spaced 8 weeks apart).

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