Sapheon Venaseal Superglue for Varicose Veins

Posted on the 27 September 2012 at 10:57

Sapheon Venaseal vial - `Superglue` for Varicose Veins

Venaseal™ or “superglue” treatment by Sapheon is a unique non-surgical treatment that uses a medical adhesive (cyanoacrylate) to safely and effectively treat varicose veins.

The technique has been developed over the last 5 years by an American company called Sapheon and last year it was granted a CE mark and it is available in Europe.

Unlike other treatments, VenaSeal™ does not require tumescent local anaesthetic around the vein, so there are far fewer injections than with treatments such as VNUS Closure or Endovenous Laser.

The VenaSeal™ procedure also eliminates the use of heat (or thermal energy) so there is virtually no risk of nerve or skin injury. As the medical “superglue” sets within a few minutes, there is not the prolonged healing process associated with ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy and medical or compression stockings are not required afterwards. The procedure is very quick (around 15 minutes).

How does the VenaSeal™ system work?

A tiny catheter is positioned inside the unhealthy vein using ultrasound through a small puncture in the skin. Next, a small amount of adhesive is delivered inside the vein using a special dispenser to seal the vein which has been identified as being unhealthy and which is causing the varicose veins. After the treatment, blood then travels back to the heart in nearby healthy veins. The glued vein is then absorbed by the body’s natural healing processes.

Is the VenaSeal™ Adhesive used during the procedure safe?

The VenaSeal™ Adhesive that is used during the procedure is made with a medically approved type of Cyanoacrylate, which has a proven track record of over 50 years of use in the field of medicine. The VenaSeal™ system uses a unique formulation of the compound and it is specifically designed for the treatment of varicose veins. The adhesive is very viscous and it bonds within a few minutes so there is no risk of the adhesive travelling around the body.

Venaseal Applicator Gun

Being such a new procedure, the Venaseal™ or “superglue” treatment by Sapheon does not have a procedure code and it is therefore not covered by private medical insurance such as BUPA, WPA, AVIVA or Simply Health. It can therefore only be offered to those patients who are paying for themselves.
The early results of international research do look very promising. However, because the Venaseal™ treatment for varicose veins is so new, there isn’t sufficiently long clinical follow up to confirm that it keeps the vein closed in the medium to long term in every case.
The Venaseal™ treatment for varicose veins reduces the number of local anaesthetic injections significantly, but if additional procedures are needed such as phlebectomies, then additional injections may be needed.
Finally, as the Venaseal™ treatment for varicose veins is so new, the cost is higher than that of Endovenous Laser or VNUS Closure.

We now have high-quality twelve-month data on this treatment and the initial results are very encouraging. My impression is that it will be very popular with vascular specialists and patients alike.

Learn more in my video:

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