IMCAS Paris 2011 - A Doctor's Notes

Posted on the 11 January 2011 at 14:39

The 13th annual International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS) took place at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, France, from January 6 - 9, 2011. Although we are in the middle of a recession, many new technologies featured for the first time at the conference.

SmartXide2 head

Interestingly, most of the new devices employed combination therapies with two or more well known modalities. The first was by DEKA (Florence, Italy) who introduced the SmartXide2, which combines the action of a fractionalised CO2 laser with the older radiofrequency (RF) modality to treat a variety of skin problems, such as wrinkles and sagging tissue. This leads to minimal thermal damage with extremely fast recovery times for the patient, by targeting collagen stimulation, even in such delicate areas as the neck, eyelids and eye area. The SmartXide2 also has an interesting V2LR handpiece for vulvo-vaginal laser reshaping.

There was another combination radiofrequency RF device: The ePRIME from Syneron/Candela (Irvine, California, U.S., and Wayland, Massachusetts, U.S.). This time it was combined with dermaroller needles, again making a minimally invasive aesthetic device for wrinkle reduction and tissue tightening. The system uses bi-polar RF energy to precisely reach the reticular dermis, while protecting the epidermis and key dermal structures. Fractional treatments in general tend to promote rapid healing and overall improvement in skin tone, laxity and volume.

Other devices which featured at IMCAS 2011 were a new generation of Thermage body contouring and skin tightening presented by Solta Medical (Hayward, California, U.S.), which now has a Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT) radiofrequency energy delivery system. Zimmer MedizinSysteme (Neu-Ulm, Germany) demonstrated new anti-cellulite treatment device called zWave. This device uses high energy acoustic waves called radial shockwaves to activate blood circulation, as well as induce new blood vessels and collagen. Treatment with Zwave is recommended two to three times per week, with ten sessions required to ensure effective results. Patients treated described the results as leading to tighter and smoother skin. There were also new permanent hair reduction devices. The LEDA EPI diode laser system from Quantel Derma (Clermont-Ferrand, France) uses new linear scan technology and a large spot size (50 mm x 12 mm) to treat an entire back in less than ten minutes. The device also uses novel Fractional Hair Removal (FHR) technology, as a low fluency mode for the gentle treatment of sensitive skin, tanned skin or darker skin. It uses 808nm wavelength for lighter skin types and has an additional handpiece with 980nm for patients with darker skin.


Because, I am involved in hair transplant I was also interested in LaserCap, a breakthrough laser technology for at-home hair improvement. LaserCap, covers the entire scalp with 224 high-quality laser diodes to safely deliver phototherapy underneath a standard baseball cap in a cordless, rechargeable and hands-free device. Users can wear the device while sitting and answering email, surfing the web or even while being active like jogging or walking. There is typlically no sensation in the scalp being treated with the laser therapy except a mild warmth from the unit. The rechargeable battery pack is small enough to fit inside your shirt pocket or clip on your belt.

There were also a range of dermal fillers introduced at IMCAS 2011. The first was a brand new hyaluronic acid dermal filler called Emervel, released by pharmological giant Galderma, the suppliers of Azzalure. The product promises to give established fillers like Restylane and Juvederm Ultra a run for their money due to reduced inflammation, excellent blending in to the skin and extremely natural looking results in a pain free injection. This exciting new product has drawn on all the best qualities from other dermal fillers and rolled them in to a new, safe and effective hyaluronic acid. Emervel comes in differing forms Emervel Touch, Emervel Classic, Emervel Deep and Emervel Lips. I have used the four types and find them an excellent addition to the dermal filler formulary. Adoderm (Langenfeld, Germany) introduced a new filler called Variofill, another hyaluronic acid with claimed longer durability in the skin. This newly released product, Variofill is designed for various indications, such as volumising and contouring the face and body, demonstrating excellent tolerance and long lasting clinical results. Ellanse, developed by AQTIS Medical (Utrecht, The Netherlands), also was featured. It comes in four different strengths: S, M, L and E . All of which consist of unique combinations of bioresorbable polymer microspheres and gels.

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