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Syneron Candela Announces FDA Clearance of High Energy UltraShape Power for Fat Destruction

UltraShape Power's ultrasound energy is applied to the skin in a proprietary pulse structure to ensure effective fat destruction with no damage to surrounding tissue including blood vessels, nerves and muscles, resulting in a safe and comfortable treatment experience. UltraShape Power's lighter transducer for high maneuverability enables the customized treatment of large and small fat pockets. The device also incorporates a sophisticated treatment and patient management software package combined with flexible communication options.

Ultrasound reduces chest lines and wrinkles

Investigators are reporting significant aesthetic improvement in lines and wrinkles of the décolletage at 3 and 6 months after a single treatment using micro-focused ultrasound with visualization. MFU is able to confine heating to small regions with precision not possible with lasers or radiofrequency devices. A new study shows the technique improved décolletage lines and wrinkles in 72% of women after 3 months. They presented their findings at the 23rd European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) Congress in the Netherlands.

Syneron Receives US FDA Clearance to Market the UltraShape System for Fat Cell Destruction

Syneron Medical Ltd., a global market leader in the aesthetic medical device marketplace, announced today that it has received the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance to market the UltraShape™ System for non-invasive reduction of abdominal circumference via fat cell destruction.

Ulthera(R) System Receives Third FDA Clearance

Ulthera, Inc. -- a global medical device company focused on developing and commercializing technologies for aesthetic and medical applications -- announced today that its ultrasound platform device, the Ulthera System, has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to visualize the dermal and subdermal layers of tissue during the non-invasive lifting treatment, Ultherapy.

Ulthera Launches System Upgrade to Bring Amplified Value to Customers

Ulthera, Inc. a global, high-growth medical device company pioneering aesthetic and medical applications using its therapeutic ultrasound platform technology -- today unveiled its new Ulthera System software upgrade, Ultherapy Amplify, which is now commercially available in the U.S. in new Systems and is currently being rolled out to existing Ulthera customers at no charge.

Ultrasonic Instrument May Be Helpful For Cosmetic Surgery

A report in the September issue of Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, one of the JAMA/Archives journals, outlines how a device known as the ultrasonic bone aspirator (which uses sound waves to remove bone without damage to surrounding soft tissue or mucous membranes) may be a useful tool for surgeons performing cosmetic rhinoplasty.