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Early results with off-label use of Kybella mixed, plastic surgeon reports

Phil Haeck, MD, a plastic surgeon practicing in Seattle and a past president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, spoke during the Hot Topics in Plastic Surgery session about his experiences treating various areas of body fat with Kybella (deoxycholic acid, Allergan), which has been approved by the FDA for treating submental fat. He reported mixed results in the treatment areas.

Allergan Receives Positive Opinion Through European Decentralised Procedure For BELKYRA®

Allergan plc, a leading global pharmaceutical company, today announced that it has received a Positive Opinion from the Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA) for BELKYRA® (deoxycholic acid). BELKYRA® will be the first prescription medicine to be licensed in Europe for the treatment of moderate to severe convexity or fullness associated with submental fat (often called double chin) in adults when the presence of submental fat has a psychological impact for the patient. BELKYRA® is being evaluated through the Decentralised Procedure, with the Swedish MPA acting as the Reference Member State for 20 other countries in the European Union, as well as Iceland and Norway.

Woman who died while getting illegal fake bum implant from unlicensed doctor was MURDERED

A woman who died after getting an illegal fake bum implant in a basement flat hundreds of miles from home was murdered, authorities have ruled. Kelly Mayhew travelled more than 400 miles from her home in Suitland, Maryland, to Far Rockaway in Queens, New York to have an operation to enlarge her buttocks.

Can a simple jab really melt away fat? Doctors are raising concerns

Aqualyx is a new fat-melting treatment available at beauty clinics. The cheap, painless injection is said to melt away body fat in just days. The procedure has been described as ‘lunchtime liposuction’. But there are concerns that it may disrupt salt and sugar levels in the blood.

Miss BumBum contestant Andressa Urach reveals shocking damage caused by fillers

Andressa Urach, a runner-up in the Brazilian rear end beauty contest, spent a month in intensive care after a procedure to remove the gels led to an infection. She reportedly had injections of two filers, hydrogel and PMMA, to make her bottom larger and more plump. But in July she began complaining of discomfort and had 400ml of hydrogel drained from each of her upper thighs.

Colombia teenage boy dies from cosmetic surgery, 7th related death in Cali this year

A 17-year-old Cali boy wanted to improve the aesthetics of his buttocks, but ended up dying from the operation. For two weeks the family of the late Jose Luis Campo Castañeda had been saving up for cosmetic surgery that would enlarge the size of the young Colombian’s buttocks. The Cali youth had met a man who said he could help him with the operation if the young boy came to his “office,” located in a house in Villa San Marcos in east Cali.

Woman Charged In Buttock Enhancement Killing

Florida police say Oneal Morris posed as a doctor and performed homemade cosmetic surgery, pumping toxic substances into women. A woman posing as a doctor has been arrested and charged with killing another woman by performing bogus buttocks-enhancement surgery. Authorities say Shatarka Nuby's body was pumped with unknown toxic substances.

Surgeons welcome withdrawal of controversial 'boob jab'

In the wake of the PIP breast implant scandal, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons welcomes the decision by manufacturers to withdraw a controversial treatment that had been marketed to women as a ‘lunchtime boob job’. The injectable filler Macrolane, meant for body contouring (such as for the buttocks) has this week been withdrawn for use in the breast, due to a ‘lack of consensus’ regarding cancer screening results of breasts treated with the product.

Fat injections: Fresh versus frozen

A Florida plastic surgeon's opening of a `fat bank` in which his patients can store fat to use as a filler in later procedures has some within the medical community debating whether previously frozen fat works as well as freshly harvested fat.

Shocking new pictures show horrific damage to woman injected with cement and tyre sealant

Rajee Narinesingh, 48, from Miami, Florida, has been left with lumpen shapes in her cheeks, a misshapen chin and a ballooning upper lip after the back room beauty treatment.

Refacing the traditional facelift: stem cell injections

Get ready for still another magic elixir from the soda fountain of youth: your belly fat.