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Palm surgery on the rise in Japan as people seek to alter their lines and improve their fortune

Palmistry is the ancient art of predicting the future through the reading of palm lines. The art is hugely popular in Japan. But for those not content with the fortune lines that nature gave them there is a drastic new way of trying to be master of their own destiny: by altering their palm lines through cosmetic surgery. The surgery, which has also been known to be carried out in Korea, has to be performed with an electric scalpel, which burns the flesh leaving a semi-permanent scar.

Busy moms deserve a hand: Dermatologists offer tips to prevent premature aging of the hands

When it comes to running errands and shuttling kids to and from school and various practices, moms often bear the brunt of carpooling — literally. Dermatologists caution that in the process, moms may be getting unintentional sun exposure that can lead to early signs of aging of the hands, such as dark brown age spots and loss of volume that results in thin, sunken skin.