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`Bone lifts` could be the future of cosmetic treatments

Forget face lifts - surgeons believe 'bone lifts' could be the future of age-defying cosmetic treatments. As we get older, it's not just our skin that sags and wrinkles. Facial bones shift and droop with time, too. Now for the first time, scientists have mapped these bony ageing changes in detail over the course of eight years.

This Morning made daytime TV history by having a live nose job

Just in case you thought daytime TV lacked cosmetic surgery, This Morning made show history by having a nose job live in the studio. Cosmetic surgeon Dr Ayad Harb appeared...

'Optimal' Facelifts Do Make You Look Younger, Study Finds

The time, money and pain spent on a facelift may be worth it, a small, new study suggests. Hundreds of people who looked at photos of 13 women before and after "optimal" facelifts agreed that the women appeared younger, better-looking, healthier and more successful.

Can YOU identify the stars from just their lips?

These female celebrities all have the perfect pout according to maths. Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katy Perry and more all possess the golden ratio because their bottom lips are larger than their top.

Linda Nolan reveals her incredible facelift transformation: It's amazing - I look younger than Coleen now

The 57-year-old admits she feels like a new woman after going under the knife to have a £6,000 facelift. Just one look in the mirror every morning tells Linda Nolan she did the right thing.

Doctors are warning against machine that claims to give 'instant nose job in 30 seconds'

'The Nose Lifter' is a device you insert into your nose in order to "perfect" the size and shape of it. Er, right. Sounds safe.

Woman who had world’s first face transplant dies aged 49

A woman who received the world’s first partial face transplant over a decade ago has died. Isabelle Dinoire, 49, underwent pioneering surgery after her pet Labrador left her severely disfigured. During the dog attack in 2005, Dinoire had her nose, chin and lips mauled. But doctors in France gave Dinoire a new face using pioneering surgery, where the face of a brain-dead female donor was used to complete the operation. Its success then set the stage for dozens of other transplants worldwide.

Study Shows Stomach and Side Sleeping Positions Cause Facial Distortion and Wrinkles Over Time

A new study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the peer-reviewed publication of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), indicates that compression, tension, and shear forces applied to the face during sleep cause facial distortion when people sleep on their sides and stomach, leading to the development of sleep wrinkles over time.

A face-lift DOES NOT always boost self-esteem

Having spent thousands of pounds going under the knife, you would hope to feel more confident. But researchers claim that having a face-lift doesn’t necessarily boost your self-esteem. They found that even women and men who looked nine years younger after the surgery didnt necessarily feel more confident.

Sherrie Hewson has wide awake facelift despite almost dying in her last op

Loose Woman Sherrie Hewson has had a facelift despite almost dying in her last op. But this time she stayed wide awake throughout. Doctors had to cancel her surgery and fight to save the 64-year-old Benidorm actress when she had convulsions and blacked out seconds after being given a general anaesthetic two months ago.

Study Shows Wearing Contact Lenses Increases Risk of Drooping Upper Eyelids

A recent study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the official publication of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), showed both hard and soft contact lenses contributed to the drooping of the upper eyelids, a medical condition referred to as ptosis.

Long-term complication rate low in nose job using patient's own rib cartilage

Using a patient's own rib cartilage (autologous) for rhinoplasty appears to be associated with low rates of overall long-term complications and problems at the rib site where the cartilage is removed, according to a report published online by JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery.

Engineered cartilage tissue grown from cells of the patients' nasal septum used to reconstruct nose

Scientists at the University of Basel report first ever successful nose reconstruction surgery using cartilage grown in the laboratory. Cartilage cells were extracted from the patient's nasal septum, multiplied and expanded onto a collagen membrane. The so-called engineered cartilage was then shaped according to the defect and implanted. The results are published in the academic journal The Lancet.

After rhinoplasty, patients perceive differences in voice quality, but not in function

Patients who have undergone plastic surgery to change the appearance of their nose may also notice changes in the sound of their voice, reports a study in the February issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

Forget cankles and thutts, now we're meant to panic about our EAR LOBES

One London clinic is offering an earlobe rejuvenation treatment using dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane. Earlobe sagging is most common in women, particularly who wear earrings.

Neck Lift Surgeon Introduces ChinTuck™ Genioplasty As a Better Alternative to Neck Lift

Plastic surgeons at Toronto cosmetic surgery clinic, Edelstein Cosmetic, suggest that aging patients may address sagging of tissues in the neck area with ChinTuck™ genioplasty, a specialized form of chin augmentation, rather than a neck lift. While genioplasty is regularly performed in conjunction with a neck lift, a ChinTuck™ may even be able to achieve desired results when performed alone.

Jury Still Out On Facial Exercises as Method for Aesthetic Rejuvenation

Facial exercises have been touted as a less invasive and less expensive alternative to traditional facial rejuvenation procedures, but do they really work? To evaluate the efficacy of this nonmedical approach to facial revitalization, researchers from Belgium systematically reviewed the medical literature, identifying nine studies that examined the effects of facial muscle exercises on facial rejuvenation. Although the authors of all studies reported positive outcomes, the research team found that the quality of the available evidence was insufficient for determining the efficacy of facial exercises for aesthetic rejuvenation. Their complete findings are published in a new article, “The Effectiveness of Facial Exercises for Facial Rejuvenation,” which appears in the January issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

Study: Grooming Eyebrows Before Nose Surgery Can Have Negative Impact

New research shows that it may not be a good idea for you to tweeze or wax those eyebrows right before having nose reshaping, according to an ASPS study. According to a new study many women, and surprisingly men, who desire nose reshaping often groom their eyebrows to compensate for nasal deviations, which can lead to surgical error and less than optimal results.

The no-stitch eye lift... all thanks to a tiny blob of high-tech glue

Plastic surgeons are now using a special type of adhesive to avoid stitches during cosmetic eye surgery, instead gluing the lid in place. Research show it cuts healing time from six weeks to just one.

Expert Weighs in on Study That Says Surgery Doesn`t Boost Attractiveness

A recent small study shows that facial cosmetic procedures can make a person look younger, but not more attractive. Dr. Michael A. Bogdan, a plastic surgeon specializing in procedures such as face lift in Dallas, questions these findings. A group of doctors recently embarked on a small study in which subjects evaluated before-and-after photos of facial plastic surgery patients, and the findings are making waves in the cosmetic surgery world.

Surgeons Defend `Smile Surgery`

The need to smile all day at work is turning young South Koreans towards a surgical procedure that lifts the corners of their mouths. Cosmetic surgeons in Seoul say they are seeing a sudden rise in demand for the so-called smile surgery this year among men and women in their 20s and 30s, most of whom are concerned about facing criticism at work because of their expressionless miens.

South Korea: disturbing new `Smile Lift` surgery creates Joker-style smiles

A photo has appeared on social networking site Reddit of a women who has allegedly had surgery to lift the corners of her mouth into a slightly clown like perma-smile. Although the photograph hasn`t yet been authenticated there is a clinic in South Korea offering this procedure. The AONE clinic performs the `Smile Lipt` procedure to both lift and curl drooping mouth corners by manipulating the facial muscles supporting the mouth.

Study suggests avg of 3 yrs of apparent age saved after facial plastic surgery

A study suggests that after aesthetic facial plastic surgery the average number of apparent `years saved` (true age minus guessed age) was 3.1 years but there was only an insignificant increase in attractiveness scores, according to a report published by JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, a JAMA Network publication.

Korean Women Have Surgery to Make Eyes Puffy and Baggy

Korean women are reportedly spending large sums of money on cosmetic surgery to create eye-bags - puffy pouches of skin under each eye. This is believed to be a rising fashion trend in the Asian country, where they are referred to as Aegyo sal or `eye smiles`. According to the Mail Online, the trend involves accentuating fatty deposits under the eyes, rather than drawing attention to the dark circles.

Now it's time to give your lower face a makeover and chuck those chinkles

You may have Botoxed away your worries (or at least your worry lines) and firmed up your bingo wings. And you may even have slimmed down those chunky ankles, these days known as cankles. But there is a new problem zone in town: the chinkle – or the chin-wrinkle – and it is a real area of concern.

A facelift nearly killed me: Grandmother, 59, left scarred for life after botched op

A woman who was left fighting for her life after a botched facelift has warned other people not to go under the knife. Sheila Simmons, 59, whose partner is 17 years her junior, decided to have the operation to look younger. But now, after her seventh reconstructive operation to repair the damage caused, she wants to warn other women not to go under the knife.

Follow-up Of Results, Complications Of Combined Rhinoplasty, Genioplasty

JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery Study Highlights. Dario Bertossi, M.D., of the University of Verona, Italy, and colleagues examined the long-term results and complications of combined rhinoplasty (nose) and genioplasty (chin). The study involved 90 cases of the combined procedures performed from January 2002 through January 2004 and the main outcome researchers looked at was the long-term stability of the esthetic outcome.

Most Patients Found To Have A Successful Second Facelift 10 Years After First

Performed an average of a decade after initial facelift surgery, a "secondary" facelift can achieve similarly lasting results with a low complication rate, according to a paper in the March issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

How your facelift will look in five years: Leading surgeon answers the question every woman asks

After studying pictures of 50 women taken before and after surgery, top plastic surgeon Dr Barry Jones believes facelifts can last five years - and more if you`re lucky. His verdict is the result of more than a decade of groundbreaking research. Dr Barry Jones, a former president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons who has carried out more than 1,700 facelifts, will present his findings this week to an audience at the Royal College of Surgeons.

A horrific car crash left her locked in a face that couldn't move... then Bethan was given a `smile transplant`

Bethan Robertson-Smith suffered facial paralysis after a car crash that almost killed her, but thanks to an operation she can finally smile again. Muscle tissue have been connected to her previously unmoving lips and a weight has been placed in her eyelids enabling her to blink.

Plymouth man wins compensation after surgery left him scarred

A businessman has won £26,000 after an operation left him with lifelong scars. Rugby playing entrepreneur, Carl Egonu, 49, became “depressed and withdrawn” after part of his nose was left “raised and shiny”, and darker than surrounding skin, following the private operation at the Plymouth Nuffield Hospital in March 2006.

Blepharoplasty may increase risk for dry eye

As many as a quarter of patients who undergo blepharoplasty experience symptoms related to dry eye after the procedure, a new study suggests. Researchers with Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, retrospectively examined the medical records of 892 patients who had undergone upper or lower blepharoplasty from 1999 to 2009.

Endoscopic approach corrects difficult lower eyelid

The difficult lower eyelid can be treated effectively with endoscopic orbicularis repositioning and midface elevation, a technique that has a steep learning curve but decreases postoperative complications, according to a study.

Fat compartments direct surgical approach

Tear trough deformity may require surgical aesthetic treatment while the glabellar fold may be a simpler area to correct, according to researchers who assessed subcutaneous fat compartments to determine adequate treatment modalities. Investigators from University of Kiel examined nine non-fixed male and female cadaver heads ranging in age from 72 to 89.

Most Forehead Lift Patients Recommend Procedure: Survey

But others are unsatisfied, and recovery time can be long. A German survey finds that most patients who underwent a specific type of cosmetic procedure known as a brow or forehead lift said they'd definitely or probably undergo the surgery again when asked about it years later. Most also said they'd recommend it to others. However, the survey of 98 patients also found that many needed weeks of recovery time, and almost one in seven expressed dissatisfaction with the procedure, saying they definitely or likely wouldn't recommend it to others.

Cosmetic surgeons recycle eyebags into plumptious cheeks

Cosmetic surgeons say a new "two-in-one" procedure to recycle eyebags into plump cheeks promises a new way to turn back the clock. For most of us, getting older means waking up to bags under the eyes and an end to the plump cheeks of youth. Now cosmetic surgeons claim a new "two-in-one" procedure can turn back the clock on both facial features. The procedure, pioneered by UK doctors, shifts fat from under the saggy skin beneath the eye and "recycles" it at the top of the cheekbone, where volume is lost in the ageing process.

Why women are embracing the lowbrow look

Greater equality means high, arched brows are out of vogue, and increasing numbers are turning to surgery. The term "lowbrow" has been an insult until now: in future though, scientists predict, it is likely to be a compliment. A new study by plastic surgeons seeking the perfect female brow found that women's eyebrows are becoming lower, flatter and less arched. Researchers say the ideal eyebrow has moved closer to the eye over the past 60 years. One theory is that women are subconsciously opting for a more masculine-looking brow.

Soft implants preferable for nose augmentation

Soft implants are superior to hard implants for dorsal nasal augmentation, research shows. In aesthetic and reconstructive rhinoplasty, soft implants resulted in fewer complications and higher satisfaction rates than hard implants, report investigators.

Pioneering plastic surgery records from First World War published

Medical records detailing the pioneering plastic surgeries performed on wounded First World War soldiers have emerged and can now be viewed by veterans’ families. The surgical records detail the groundbreaking work of Dr Harold Gillies, the pioneering plastic surgeon who developed some of the world’s first successful skin grafts during the Great War.

Understanding Women’s Complicated Relationship to the Mirror

New York, NY (May 30, 2012) – Facial aesthetic treatments are among the most popular cosmetic procedures around the world, but why do so many women want to change what they see in the mirror? And what features do they most like or dislike about their faces?

Predicting a Facelift’s Future

A good facelift provides patients with long-lasting results, but it can be difficult for plastic surgeons to specifically predict just how long surgical facial rejuvenation will turn back the clock. Experts at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) in Vancouver, Canada, will address the issues affecting facelift longevity and how to talk to patients about what to expect.

`Chin jobs` head cosmetic-surgery list in US

Chin implants are the fastest growing type of cosmetic procedure in the US according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The body reported 20,680 operations in 2011, a 71% increase since 2010.

The `Lip Lift`: When a Facelift is Not Enough

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. George Weston, President of the Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery, will speak about the "Lip Lift," corner mouth lift, and other around-the-mouth surgical procedures at a May 7, 2012 panel at the annual meeting of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Vancouver, Canada.

Cosmetic Surgery Takes Off 6 to 8 Years, Study Finds

How Much Younger Does a Face Lift Make You Look? Most people get cosmetic surgery in hopes of turning back the clock. Now a study calculates exactly how many years some procedures help you shed.

'An eyelift saved my eyesight': Donna McLean's turned to pioneering plastic surgery

On a good day, Donna McLean was likened, in looks at least, to actress Charlotte Rampling. ‘I loved that, of course,’ admits the 46-year-old mother of three from London. ‘But then other people would say Glenda Jackson, which wasn’t so great.’ What both of the famous women Donna was compared to had in common were eyes that were heavy-lidded – or hooded, to use the physiological term.

Kay Burley says she can barely look at herself in the mirror after facelift trauma

Only three weeks after having a facelift, Sky News presenter Kay Burley admitted the cosmetic surgery left her bruised, scarred and looking as if she had been in a car crash.

Woman gets world's biggest lips with £4,000 worth of silicone injections

Kristina Rei, 22, from St Petersburg, Russia, was convinced her thin lips made her ugly so she opted to have them enlarged in the style of her favourite cartoon character Jessica Rabbit, at a cost of £4,000.

Facial Disfigurements Negatively Impact Job Applicants

People with birthmarks, scars and other facial disfigurements are more likely to receive poor ratings in job interviews, according to a new study by researchers at Rice University

Marriages later in life spark increase in anti-ageing treatments

With many couples now tying the knot later in life, more people are turning to non-surgical treatments in order to make sure they look their best on their wedding day.

When Botox is the cake, electric facials are icing

Botox and her sister neurotoxins immobilize muscles, although not directly. The toxins bind to neurotransmitters, preventing them from signaling muscles to contract.