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Dirty equipment and operating in garages: Inside the dodgy Turkish cosmetic surgery clinics where Brits die on the operating table

After Brit mum Leah Cambridge died having a Brazilian bum lift in Turkey, we speak to victims of cosmetic procedures gone wrong and investigate what really goes on behind closed doors

British woman had 'three heart attacks during cosmetic surgery in Turkey'

The devastated partner of a mother-of-three who reportedly died after travelling to Turkey for cosmetic surgery has said she suffered “three heart attacks” during the procedure. Leah Cambridge, 29, is said to have died after undergoing a “Brazilian butt lift” at a clinic that boasts celebrity clientele. The procedure, which reshapes the buttocks by transferring fat from areas including the stomach and back, has become an increasingly popular technique for achieving an hourglass figure.

Patients who travel abroad for plastic surgery can bring home serious complications

With the promise of inexpensive procedures luring patients to travel abroad for plastic surgery, medical tourism has become an expanding, multi-billion-dollar industry. But while the initial procedure may be cheap, it can place a significant burden on US public health systems when patients return from abroad with complications. A new study by investigators at Brigham and Women's Hospital describes the magnitude of medical complications that can result from plastic surgery abroad.

More Than Half of China’s Botox Believed to Be Fake or Smuggled

The China Association of Plastics and Aesthetics has revealed that it believes 70 percent of the country’s Botox and hyaluronic acid, a type of dermal filler, to be either counterfeit or smuggled into China illegally, Sixth Tone’s sister publication The Paper reported Friday.

`I was butchered and mutilated` Mum`s horror over botched boob job after she underwent FREE foreign surgeries

A Scottish mum was left horrified after her body was mutilated when a foreign surgeon lured her to Turkey with the promise of free cosmetic procedures. Lorna Johnston said she was `butchered` after she had breast reduction surgery and liposuction on her stomach, waist and thighs at an Istanbul clinic, the Daily Record reports.

Lotto winner Jane Park 'fighting for her life' after botched bum lift op sees her rushed to hospital

Scotland's youngest Lottery millionaire says she’s fighting for her life after cosmetic surgery on her bottom. Jane Park, 21, flew to Turkey for an operation known as a Brazilian bum lift but was rushed to hospital after returning to Scotland last Friday.

China launches crackdown on illegal cosmetic surgery

Chinese authorities have launched a year-long crackdown on practitioners of unregistered cosmetic surgery, the official China Daily said on Wednesday. The report said there are tens of thousands of cosmetic surgery practitioners in China, but fewer than 3,000 are registered with the authorities.

Transsexual is left with nasty scar from 'botched £1,500 hair transplant by butcher surgeon' in Thailand

A TRANSSEXUAL was left with a “Frankenstein” scar on her hairline by a “butcher” surgeon, after undergoing a cut-price hair transplant in Thailand. Adele Deane paid just £1,500 for the surgery in Bangkok – a quarter of the price it costs in the UK.

Young Albanians scarred by rogue cosmetic treatments

Albanian doctors complain that substances banned in Europe are illicitly imported from China and Turkey for use in risky procedures. Emira Sela covers her face with her hand to hide a disfiguring abscess, the traumatic result of unregulated cosmetic treatments now rampant across Albania.

The ugly truth behind Cambodia’s beauty industry

Despite the grave dangers associated with cosmetic procedures in Cambodia, the beauty business in Phnom Penh is booming. In November last year, Ros Sokny, an ambitious and friendly 36-year-old businesswoman from Kratie in eastern Cambodia, made the five-hour journey to Phnom Penh’s De Beaute Clinic, a private cosmetic surgery hospital tucked away in the capital’s western fringes.

Thailand: Bogus surgeon caught operating at illegal cosmetic clinic

An unqualified plastic surgeon and four assistants have been arrested while operating on a patient at an illegal cosmetic clinic in Sam Phran district. A team of police, soldiers and health officials raided Niyom clinic in Sam Phran district late on Tuesday night following complaints by unhappy customers sporting disfigurements.

Plastic surgery from hell: Paradise clinic leaves botched boob jobs and tummy tuck terror

Brits hoping to save a quick buck getting plastic surgery overseas are being warned as horrific pics and stories emerge of the consequences. With plastic surgery so expensive, many travel to developing countries to have boob jobs, butt implants and tummy tucks on the cheap. And one brave woman is on a crusade to bring down the cowboy surgeons, who she accuses of killing her best friend. Meredith Page, 41, lost pal Rachene Hutchinson in 2014 following surgery in the Dominican Republic.

Infection Outbreak Tied to Nip/Tuck on Caribbean Isle

An outbreak of aggressive mycobacterial infections in U.S. residents has been linked to cosmetic surgery procedures done in the Dominican Republic, public health officials reported. David Schnabel, MD, of the Maryland Department of Public Health and Hygiene in Baltimore, and colleagues found that 21 patients (18 confirmed; three probable) from six different states had travelled to the Dominican Republic as medical tourists, and subsequently acquired a rapidly growing mycobacterial infection.

Seoul sees decline in cosmetic surgery demand from China

Unqualified surgeons, overcharging, illegal brokers cited as factors. Earlier this year, Beijing’s state-run media China Central Television aired a four-minute news report that showed the underbelly of cosmetic surgery in Seoul.The report exposed a case of a Chinese tourist allegedly being overcharged by a clinic in the cosmetic surgery mecca of Gangnam, Seoul. CCTV argued that Chinese patients are typically charged from two to 10 times higher than locals, leading them to eventually stop visiting Seoul for cosmetic surgery.

Illegal Nose Job Leaves Woman Partially Blind

A 21-year-old woman from Changzhou, in China’s eastern Jiangsu province, lost vision in her right eye due to micro plastic surgery injections intended to reshape her nose, according to a report by state news agency China News Service.

June Jonigk cleared at Oxford Magistrates Court of harassing Angela Chouaib over botched breast surgery

A PATIENT who suffered a painful botched breast operation has been cleared of waging a three-year campaign of harassment against the woman who arranged the surgery. June Jonigk wiped her eyes with a tissue as a judge said her actions – which forced Angela Chouaib to move from her Weston-on-the-Green home – had not been unreasonable or irrational.

Man dies less than a week after arriving home in Australia from cosmetic tourist trip

A man who spent more than $35,000 on an extreme cosmetic surgery holiday to Malaysia died after undergoing two marathon operations that left him with gaping holes, seeping wounds and burst stitches. Leigh Aiple, from Melbournes eastern suburbs, died the day he arrived back in Australia on May 11, 2014 after having extensive plastic surgery in Malaysia that included a 360-degree tummy tuck, liposuction, an eye lift, a chin tuck, lip fillers, a thigh lift and chest sculpting, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Latin America: Why Colombias Garage Clinics Continue to Perform Procedures

Colombia is perhaps considered the plastic surgery capital in Latin America. As a matter of fact, the country has always been in the top 10 with the highest number of operations, along with Venezuela and Brazil.

Harley Street landlord spend £200 million to boost medical tourism

One of London’s great estates is on the hunt for medical tourists to help attract clients from across the world to its Harley Street premises, it has emerged.  Aristocratic family property empire The Howard de Walden Estate will next month take a group of tenants out to Dubai for the Arab Health trade show for the first time.

China: Women spend their holiday protesting botched cosmetic surgery

What prompted a group of Chinese tourists to spend their recent Golden Week holiday in South Korea? A protest against the botched cosmetic surgery that they said they had undergone in the country.

Australian men flocking to Thailand for the perfect beard

Experts are warning Australian men not to put a thick beard ahead of their health and safety, as thousands flock overseas seeking cheap beard transplants. It might sound unusual, but with the hipster-inspired beard craze in full swing, Medigo data shows a 600 per cent increase in beard transplants worldwide between 2004 and 2014.

Australia: A cosmetic surgery warning following woman's tragic death

The family of a Gold Coast woman who died after undergoing cosmetic surgery in Mexico say they can finally reveal the true cause of her death.

Brits rise up against the NHS picking up the tab for foreign cosmetic surgery gone wrong

A giant three quarters of people in the UK think the NHS shouldn’t pick up the tab for botched boob jobs. One in four women have admitted they would have plastic surgery to help get their body beach ready, but this can come at a price to our health service when they decide to do it on the cheap.

Illegal buttocks surgeon jailed in US after Briton dies

A woman who performed illegal plastic surgeries under the name "Black Madam" has been sentenced to at least a decade in prison. Padge-Victoria Windslowe, 43, used industrial-grade silicone to increase the size of women`s buttocks. The procedure killed a 20-year-old London dancer, Claudia Aderotimi, who travelled to Philadelphia in 2011 for the operation.

Why Liverpool`s Rodney Street really is the Harley Street of the North

Liverpool city centre`s historic Rodney Street has long been known as the `Harley Street of the North`. For years private doctors have operated clinics from behind the walls of Georgian townhouses at prestigious addresses on both Rodney Street in Liverpool and Harley Street in London.

Chinese have 200,000 botched plastic surgeries in Korea

More Chinese cosmetic surgery tourists have only reaped regret in South Korea, as they suffered a 10 percent year-on-year increase in botched plastic surgeries over the past 10 years, according to the Chinese Association of Plastics and Aesthetics. As many as 200,000 customers have been physically scarred due to shoddy procedures and a lack of regulation in South Korea's booming medical tourism industry, said Zhang Bin, head of the association.

Illegal Agencies Dominate S Korean Plastic Surgery Market for Oversea Tourists

Illegal agencies in South Korea are gaining dominance in the market for overseas tourists who traveled to the country for plastic surgery. JoonAng IIbo, one of South Korea's major daily newspapers, reported on Sunday that in 2014, only 13 percent of the overseas customers have traveled to South Korea to do plastic surgeries via legal agencies. Data from the Korean Health Industry Development Institute, or KHIDI, shows that there has been an explosive growth of overseas customers on medical tours to South Korea during recent years. The number of Chinese tourists visiting for this purpose has surged from 791 in 2009 to 16,000 in 2013.

South Korea crackdown on plastic surgery

South Korea has announced a crackdown on illegal brokers and unregistered clinics in a bid to protect medical tourists, especially those drawn by the country’s booming plastic surgery industry. The Health Ministry unveiled yesterday a raft of measures drafted in response to a growing number of complaints over botched jobs and exorbitant billing, many of them filed by Chinese women who travel to South Korea specifically for cosmetic procedures

The dark side of cosmetic surgery in Thailand

Thailand's beauty clinics are attracting foreigners due to their relatively cheap prices and modern facilities. But some operations have gone horribly wrong. When British woman Joy Williams went into the SP Clinic in Bangkok last October, she must have believed she was about to undergo a straightforward cosmetic operation, at a very reasonable price, and at a modern facility which has been widely used, and often praised, by other patients from overseas.

Korea: Non-specialists perform plastic surgery

A professional body of plastic surgeons claimed that about nine in 10 doctors working in cosmetic surgery clinics are not specialists and don’t get “residency” training in the field. The claim was made by the Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons (KAPS) after a Chinese woman was declared brain dead after undergoing surgery on Jan. 27. This is one of a series of recent mishaps and tragedies involving plastic surgery.

South Korean Survey on Cosmetic Surgery Raises Eyebrows

It’s not a great advertisement for South Korean plastic surgery as Seoul looks to increase medical tourism: Almost a third of cosmetic-surgery patients in South Korea aren’t happy with the results, according to a recent poll. The Korea Consumer Agency, a government consumer-protection body, said Tuesday that its survey of 1,000 patients showed 32.3% expressed dissatisfaction and 17% had at least one negative side effect.

Thai doctor 'whose buttock implant surgery caused death of British girl' is back at work

Despite facing criminal proceedings over the death of Joy Williams, who received buttock implants, Dr Sansiri, is offering breast and bottom surgery by using a nearby clinic. Dr Sompob Sansiri is on bail and faces up to 10 years in jail after being charged with recklessly causing the death of 24-year-old Joy Williams who flew to Bangkok to have buttock implants and died during an operation to remove them when they became infected.

South Korea's Plastic Surgery Is In Trouble With Botched Patients And Dodgy Doctors

South Korea is known for its $5 billion plastic surgery industry, but is now facing backlash with an increasing number of botched surgeries done by dubious doctors. Kim Bok-soon, a South Korean woman, didn’t like her nose. While reading a magazine at a hair salon, she stumbled upon a plastic surgery advertisement for a clinic and decided that she wanted a nose job, despite objections from her family members.

ISAPS Issues Warnings to Patients Regarding Unlicensed Practitioners and Medical Tourism

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) has issued a warning to all individuals seeking less expensive cosmetic surgical procedures, particularly outside their home country, and especially in the hands of unlicensed practitioners operating without board certification. In light of two recent deaths of UK citizens who traveled to other countries to have cosmetic procedures performed by un-certified practitioners, ISAPS is also calling for global changes in legislation to address these unnecessary and tragic deaths in an effort to insure a higher level of patient safety.

British woman dies under anaesthetic at Bangkok cosmetic surgery clinic

A 24-year-old British woman died under anaesthesia during cosmetic surgery at a Bangkok clinic. Pol Lt Col Chaliang Inthip, investigation officer at Phahon Yothin police station, said the woman`s death was reported about 11pm. Police, forensic officials and rescue workers rushed to SP Clinic. They found the body of a British woman on an operating table on the first floor of the four-storey commercial building which houses the clinic.

Study on Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

A University of Leeds led study on cosmetic surgery tourism 'Exploring the Cosmetic Surgery Tourism Industry’ offers many insights into the business but also warns that better regulation is vital to protect patients. Surgeons and clinics should be accredited and inspected. The regulation must be transnational not national, and patients find legal redress difficult to access if surgery goes wrong.

Sri Lanka: Lady doctor`s death jolts authorities into inspecting beauty parlours

The Cosmetic Devices and Drug Regulatory Authority (CDDRA) yesterday said it was carrying out investigations into the death of a female doctor at a beauty clinic at Visakha Road, Bambalapitiya following the administration of an antibiotic intravenously on Tuesday. The Police Spokesman`s Office revealed that Dr. Priyangi had developed a serious allergic reaction to the antibiotic administered to her.

Unlicensed plastic surgery centres mushroom

The trend of plastic surgery among local women has prompted many cosmetologists to become unlicensed plastic surgeons, increasing the risk of adverse effects. It is ascertained that many unlicensed plastic surgeons from overseas, particularly China, have streamed into Malaysia in recent years and operated plastic surgery centres in the absence of registration and qualified licences. It is understood that there are only less than 50 qualified plastic surgeons in the country but the number of unlicensed plastic surgeons is beyond estimation.

Rise of nip and tuck tourism

A third of Brits who opt for cosmetic surgery such as boob jobs and face lifts now travel abroad to get it done on the cheap, according to a new study. The research suggests we have become a nation of cosmetic surgery tourists, with many seeking lower-cost elective procedures in Eastern Europe. But, worryingly, more than half are unhappy with the results and one in five had to have further treatment back in Britain to correct problems.

Rise of medical tourism shows impact on cosmetic surgery market

Would you consider traveling to Mexico or India for a less-expensive rhinoplasty or breast augmentation procedure? Many Americans are doing just that -- and the trend is having an impact on the market for cosmetic plastic surgery according to an article in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery -- Global Open®, the official open-access medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

Women who went abroad for 'bargain' vanity ops - and paid a terrible price

As the market for 'surgery holidays' booms, so do the numbers suffering serious complications - as Claire Rigley, Marion Dawkins, and Victoria Osbourne know. The market for 'surgery holidays' is booming, and no wonder: packages cost half the price of surgery at home in the UK. The operations may be cheap, but so is the quality of the aftercare, leaving many patients with complications and in need of more treatment.

Sun. sea and sepsis

A recent study by Leeds University into cosmetic surgery holidays revealed a staggering 16.5% complication rate with nearly 1 in 10 (9%) patients needing assistance from the NHS when arriving home. Today, new a survey by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reveals that these problems have been – and continue to be – on a steady increase, with 3 out of 5 (60%) members recording a rise of at least 25%-35% over the last five years.

They promised luxury - but my cosmetic surgery `holiday` was a nightmare

Secret Surgery, which specialises in ‘luxury plastic surgery holidays’, seems to promise an indulgent, decadent treat to ‘leave you physically and spiritually rejuvenated’. June Jonigk, 54, flew from Britain to Poland for a tummy tuck, and was left with a gaping hole in her stomach for more than three months.

Setting the Record Straight – That Mail on Sunday Article by Secret Surgery

In an era in which everyone is connected with everything, word of mouth travels faster and further than ever before. That hair which was discovered in your soup is no longer a concern for you and your waiter: now the whole internet has to know about it, and will judge the restaurant accordingly. From anonymous Trip Advisor reviews to social media spats, companies of all sizes are only too aware of the dangers of negative publicity.

BAPRAS warns patients of risks of travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery

The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) today warns patients of the risks of travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery due to the potential for increased frequency of complications and poorer aftercare. The warning has been issued following the publication of a report from the University of Leeds, entitled ‘Sun, Sea, Sand and Silicone’; the first international research of its kind into cosmetic surgery tourism.

First-hand experiences of cosmetic surgery tourists revealed

A study of the experiences of cosmetic surgery tourists, led by the University of Leeds, challenges widely-held perceptions about the safety and motives of people travelling oversees for treatment. The two-year study, ‘Sun, Sea, Sand and Silicone’, is the first to use in-depth interviews, video and photo diaries and questionnaires to analyse cosmetic surgery tourism from the perspective of the patient’s experience.

Chinese medical tourists make up the lion’s share

Chinese tourists have emerged as the largest group of visitors to come to Korea on medical tours, mostly for cosmetic surgery. The Ministry of Health and Welfare reported Monday that a total of 31,472 Chinese tourists received medical service last year, about one-fifth of the total number of 155,672 visitors here on medical tourism.

Promoting Thailand as surgical hub of Asia: Thai government urged to support cosmetic surgery tourist packages

The Medical Council and plastic surgeons yesterday urged the government to support their efforts to promote Thailand as a surgical hub of Asia, a move they believe could earn the Kingdom as much as Bt200 billion a year. The doctors and the council have proposed a cosmetic surgery-and-tourism package that would include airfare, cosmetic surgical services, luxury accommodation and shopping trips, according to council secretary Dr Samphan Komrit.

How safe is cheap surgery abroad?

SUN INVESTIGATION: As leading cosmetic surgeons speak out about the worrying trend for quick-fix surgery, we go to Poland to investigate a UK-based company that claims `you`ll be treated like a VIP, only without the paparazzi`. From labiaplasty to lipo, Brits can get a `Saver Service` plastic surgery package for less than two grand — including flights and accommodation.

ASPS Cautions Patients to Approach Holiday Medical Tourism with Vigilance

The busiest travel season of the year is approaching, with many people headed to tropical locales, but plastic surgery patients need to know who is performing their surgery before traveling abroad. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) cautions that while inexpensive vacation packages that include cosmetic surgery may sound appealing, it may be difficult to assess the training and credentials of surgeons outside the United States.