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YouTube is source of misinformation on plastic surgery, Rutgers study finds

In the first study to evaluate YouTube videos on facial plastic surgery procedures, Rutgers University researchers found that most are misleading marketing campaigns posted by non-qualified medical professionals. The millions of people who turn to YouTube as a source for education on facial plastic surgery receive a false understanding that does not include the risks or alternative options, said lead author Boris Paskhover, an assistant professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School's department of otolaryngology who specializes in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Charity victory over Love Island plastic surgery ads

Campaign groups have welcomed a decision to review the showing of plastic surgery ads during the popular Love Island series. The Mental Health Foundation wrote to ITV saying the ads "painted a false picture of perfection" and "exacerbated young people’s insecurities". It also wrote to the Advertising Standards Authority and the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport outlining its concerns.

ITV CEO to 'review' Love Island plastic surgery ads policy

TV's chief executive Carolyn McCall has called an internal review into whether ads for cosmetic surgery were appropriately aired in between episodes of channel's summer smash hit Love Island. Amid pressure from health experts on the broadcaster to stop showing ads promoting diet pills and breast augmentation during on-demand viewings of the popular show, McCall said that while the promotions met current broadcaster standards ITV was set to evaluate the decision schedule them during Love Island.

Breast implant firm targets debt-ridden Love Island viewers

A plastic surgery company whose TV adverts run during Love Island on the ITV Hub is encouraging people with a poor credit rating to take out loans. MYA, which has a dozen clinics, offers loans with a 9.9 per cent interest rate through third-party lenders for surgery costing up to £10,000

Backlash over 'explicit' cosmetic surgery ads during Love Island

Cosmetic surgery ads shown during Love Island are facing a backlash, with the boss of NHS England, Simon Stevens saying they increase body image pressures on young women. Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman has also hit out at the ads, telling The Mirror they "destroy body confidence".

Surgeon streams his operations live on Snapchat

The self-styled 'Snapchat surgeon' has hit back at critics who say his decision to live stream surgeries over social media has turned the operating theatre into a 'circus'. Dr Christopher Inglefield, founder of the London Transgender Surgery and one of the country's leading transgender specialists, has been performing gender reassignment surgeries for more than a decade. But his decision to broadcast live from the operating theatre over Snapchat while performing procedures has led to accusations that the footage is too graphic and too extreme. But the surgeon has argued that it's important to inform people about exactly what happens during the surgery in an 'open and transparent way', so people can see beyond 'glossy adverts and glowing testimonials'.

Plastic surgeon reveals NUMBER ONE request from female patients

Britain’s leading plastic surgeon has revealed that the looks of TV chef Nigella Lawson are among the most popular requested by women visiting his Harley Street Clinic. Dr Fulvio Urso-Baiarda said while Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie still tops the list, women who visit his Eterno clinic in London are increasingly asking for cheekbones like Nigella’s, as well as striving to emulate her flawless skin.

Scrolling Instagram For A Cosmetic Surgeon? Don’t.

Hashtags like #ad and #spon have become increasingly common on social media apps like Instagram. Is that a fashion blogger just going about her normal day with a good “detox” tea? Or is it just an(other) #ad? Instagram has been tightening up its rules regarding advertising on the platform. Which is good. But in a world where social media profiles – from makeup artists to graphic designers, food bloggers, cosmetic surgery clinics, doctors, beauticians and beyond – are increasingly used as visual CVs, is it ever going to be possible to regulate everything? One area where this is particularly dangerous is in the cosmetic surgery industry. In fact, a new study, carried out by researchers at Northwestern University, found that the majority of cosmetic surgery providers who market their services on Instagram don’t technically have the necessary certifications.

Leading Manchester cosmetic surgeon discuses how social media has influenced client expectations

Gary Ross, the first in his field to be certified by the Royal College of Surgeons Professional Standards system, says the whole industry needs tighter regulation. He says vulnerable people – driven by adverts and social media – are being offered unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved when they go under the knife.

Doctors dancing in the operating room? New rules proposed for plastic surgery social media

Forget those vacation pictures. Sharing graphic social media posts is one new way to gain followers. Everything from botox to tummy tucks and breast augmentation are now being posted and live-streamed online by doctors and medical practitioners. While tactics like these are becoming increasingly popular to advertise surgery, there has been no regulation or direction regarding what is appropriate or allowed in the medical field — until now.

Plastic surgeons concerned over clinics' use of Instagram emojis for promoting cosmetic surgery

The Cadogan Clinic, a private clinic in Chelsea, west London, is calling for more awareness of the impact of social media on self-image and the quest for body perfection, saying many young people are coming in with unrealistic images of eye shapes and contours and asking to look like them.

Experts slam blogger who live streamed her breast augmentation

A Texas-based beauty blogger has received huge criticism from cosmetic surgery experts after she chose to live stream her breast augmentation on Instagram this week. Ashley Devonna is notoriously open with her 200,000+ YouTube subscribers, so when she decided to go under the knife, the 24-year-old felt she needed to document the process on her various social media accounts.

Plastic surgeon Eddy Dona puts videos of breast augmentations and labiaplasty on Snapchat

NSW plastic surgeon Eddy Dona is preparing for his next breast augmentation surgery. His scrubs are on, his tools are in place and his patient is anaesthetised. All that remains to be said is ‘lights, camera, action’. Today Dr Dona is filming his surgery ready to upload to social media.

1 in 3 Plastic Surgery Reviews is Fake, South Korea’s Advertisement Watchdog Warns

Beware of suspicious online reviews of plastic surgery clinics that sound too positive, South Korea’s advertisement watchdog warns. A report published by the Korea Internet Advertising Foundation (KIAF) yesterday revealed nearly one in three positive reviews on the Internet about plastic surgery is thought to be fake, reviews which often come with cliché phrases such as "You'll never regret", or "I got liposuction and there's no bruising or swelling at all."

Martin Clunes tries to claim secret plastic surgery as a professional tax expense

The Men Behaving Badly star asked a tax tribunal judge to grant him anonymity to spare him from the public embarrassment that might follow as a result of his revelations that he has gone under the knife. Martin Clunes is taking on the taxman after undergoing secret cosmetic surgery.

Selfie mad mum spends thousands on plastic surgery to look like her OWN pics - and she's not alone

Lucy O’Grady has blown thousands of pounds on boob and nose operations, fillers and Botox - and she's not alone. The mum-of-three was hooked on using popular phone apps that ­digitally enhance selfies. Now she barely recognised her real self and longed to look like the doctored images in her photos.

Mumsnet is ordered to hand over identities of users

Parenting website Mumsnet has been ordered to reveal the real identities of people who criticised a top cosmetic surgeon on its online forum. Dr Jesper Sorensen is a specialist in facial reconstruction, eyelid reconstruction and facial nerve surgery and is the founder of the Sorensen Clinic in Kensington, West London.

Amanda Brunker to get Botox LIVE on the Late Late Show

Amanda Brunker will have Botox LIVE on air on this week`s Late Late Show, it has been revealed. The 42-year-old former model will brave the needle and undergo the cosmetic procedure on the RTE chat show while hundreds of thousands watch on from home.

Britain’s top cosmetic doctors that women stars trust to make them look younger

A new generation of cosmetic doctors is emerging. Dubbed the Super Derms, these women are the go-to experts if you want to look younger without looking `done`. The women stars trust to make them look younger without anyone being able to tell! And the proof is you`ll NEVER guess what work they`ve had done.

I get botox every eight months - Martine McCutcheon talks surgery

Martine McCutcheon has admitted that she’s a big botox fan. The singer and Loose Women panelist has admitted she has botox injected every eight months to help her feel fresh. The 40-year-old mum of one opened up in an interview about the procedure this week.

Private Edinburgh GP practice slammed for `vile` ad campaign

A private GP practice has been branded `vile` after telling patients a side effect of cosmetic treatment could be `more Facebook likes`.

How London`s cosmetic surgeons are reinventing the profession

Dr Maryam Zamani holds a phial of blood up to her window overlooking Sloane Street. ‘It’s beautiful, isn’t it?’ she says. The blood has separated like a B52 cocktail after being ‘centrifuged’, but I suppose it’s beautiful yes, in this blessed SW1 light. It’s being used for a ‘medical-grade facial’, the details of which I am given in a medical-grade lecture by Dr Zamani, a surgeon, and the kind of person who assumes everyone understands words like ‘telangiectasia’ (that’s dilatation of the capillaries to you and me).

Amy Childs hits back after being branded a HYPOCRITE over hard-hitting plastic surgery campaign

Amy Childs has hit back after being branded a hypocrite for appearing in a hard-hitting campaign against plastic surgery. The former TOWIE star and fellow Essex beauty Danielle Armstrong were pictured in COFFINS in the promo pics, laid out in hospital gowns with bloodied surgery trays resting on top of them. The dramatic photos aim to highlight the dangers of going under the knife, and both stars looks completely unrecognisable in the haunting images.

Amy Childs and Danielle Armstrong pose lifeless in COFFINS for haunting new cosmetic surgery campaign

Amy Childs and Danielle Armstrong have shocked fans as they pose dead in coffins in eerie new photos for a hard-hitting cosmetic surgery campaign. The TOWIE favourites are seen with pale faces, laid out in hospital gowns with a bloodied surgery tray resting on top of them. The dramatic photos aim to highlight the dangers of going under the knife, and both stars looks completely unrecognisable in the haunting images. With surgeons hands hovering over her, Amy lays with her hair spread around her alongside the caption: "Are you dying to be beautiful?"

Ukrainian doctor slammed for taking pictures of women's breasts and sharing them online

Fury as Ukraine plastic surgeon poses for SELFIES with naked patients unconscious on the operating table after boob jobs and shares the intrusive photos on social media. Edgar Kaminskyi, 31, shares extraordinary clips over social media of his boob job operations while in his Kiev theatre and asks 'fans' to 'like' if they are impressed with his handiwork.

GMC urges cosmetic procedure patients to question doctors

People thinking of having a cosmetic procedure are being urged to question their doctors before going ahead with treatment, in new advice issued today (Wednesday 01 June) by the General Medical Council (GMC). As tough standards for doctors carrying out cosmetic practice come into force – covering everything from fillers to face lifts – the GMC has published a guide to help potential patients research and receive safe, high quality cosmetic care. The GMC says people considering a COSMETIC procedure should keep in mind the following when interacting with their doctor

Plastic surgery billboard that declares size matters causes controversy

A Riverside County billboard that advertises breast augmentation surgery by declaring that bigger is better has raised the ire of a Murrieta High School student who says the message should come down.

Miami plastic surgeon uses snapchat to record surgeries live in the operating room

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer has managed to amass one of the largest followings on Snapchat, one 10-second video at a time. Salzhauer, better known as “Dr. Miami,” uses Snapchat during his patients’ surgeries to document the procedures. As a result, he has millions of Snapchat fans and hundreds of new patients.

Why your selfie makes you look seven years older

The average selfie takes 20 goes to get right, and even then it’s never quite right is it? Perhaps it's no surprise then that the humble selfie is triggering a surge in cosmetic procedures.

Kardashians cause increase in cosmetic surgery procedures on bums and lips

While most people aren’t going to such extreme lengths to keep up with the Kardashians, cosmetic surgery group Transform have seen a 73 per cent year-on-year rise in inquiries for achieving Kardashian-like features. Read more:

Celebrity Dermatologist Dr Arnold Klein dies

Klein, who died Thursday in a Rancho Mirage hospital at 70, was a pioneer in the use of Botox and other injectable substances to improve personal appearance. For years, however, he was better known to the public as one of Jacksons closest friends.

Karren Brady, CBE is the new face and brand ambassador of HydraFacial UK

HydraFacial, the breakthrough, non-invasive, high-tech skin renewal and hydradermabrasion facial treatment, is delighted to announce that Karren Brady CBE, award winning business woman, sporting executive, television broadcaster, newspaper columnist, author and novelist is our new face and brand ambassador for 2015/16.

Kylie Jenner lip filler confession leads to 70% increase in enquiries for the procedure

Kylie Jenner`s confession that she has had lip fillers to enhance her pout has led to a huge increase in enquiries for the procedure. The admission came last night from the 17-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, whose noticeably oversized pout has been the source of much speculation. According to some UK clinics, the revelation has led to a surge in enquiries from the public wanting to copy Jenner`s look.

Rhiannon Langley sharing her nose job 'journey' with social media

Popular blogger Rhiannon Langley, from Melbourne, is sharing pictures, videos and blog posts day-by-day while she undergoes cosmetic nose surgery in Thailand. Cosmetic surgery is often done in secret - patients hiding out at home until the bruising and swelling goes down while friends' suspicions are waylaid with a new haircut. But one Australian woman is making her nose job so public, it even has its own hashtag.

Sisters attempting to copy Kylie Jenner's plump pout left with swollen blue lips

Despite insisting that her full lips are natural, Kylie Jenner has sparked a huge craze for lip fillers and young women across the globe are attempting to recreate her look. Last week, a swimwear model told how a DIY lip job ended in disaster when she tried to emulate the super pout of reality star Kylie Jenner by sucking into a hairspray lid. And now, a pair of sisters have found themselves in a similar situation after they sucked into a bottle in an attempt to achieve the look.

Maria Fowler posts graphic 'botox selfie' as she gets a top up

There are so many celebrities who have left us questioning whether they've had "work" done or had a little help, but Maria Fowler was keen not to keep anything a secret as she shared a rather eye-watering selfie of her getting a top up today. The former TOWIE star tweeted her 'botox selfie' earlier today from the cosmetic chair as the injection was put into her forehead.

Katie Price reveals regrets over her plastic surgery decisions as a youngster

She is famed for her love of cosmetic surgery. But Celebrity Big Brother's Katie Price issued a heartfelt piece of advice to people who may want to follow in her footsteps - namely, be careful. The glamour model, who has made a lucrative career out of various body enhancements, urged people to research surgeons thoroughly before going under the knife. 'Always do your research and choose the best people - I didn't'.

Beauty queen Catherine Cando dies after liposuction she received as first prize in Ecuador

A 19-year-old medical student has died while undergoing liposuction - a prize for winning her local beauty competition. Catherine Cando, a part-time glamour model, was crowned winner of the Queen of Duran beauty contest, in Ecuador. Miss Cando, who won the competition in October last year, was showered with prizes, including a new Aveo car 2015, a smart tablet - and a free course of cosmetic surgery treatment.

Widow spends £10,000 on cosmetic surgery - and now she wants a toy boy!

A 73-year-old proves age is just a number as she turns the heads of men 50 years her junior in her skin-tight mini-dresses - after splashing out more than £10,000 on cosmetic surgery. Pensioner Jane Pesch, from Swadlincote, Derbys, shuns the comfortable slacks and knitted cardigans usually associated with the older generation, instead opting for skyscraper heels and fishnet stockings.

Porn star`s breast-implant fundraiser criticized

A Quebec porn star`s planned sex marathon to fund her breast implants was denounced by Gatineau’s mayor. Zoé Zebra, 22, is planning the event — dubbed “Boule-O-thon” — in a trailer next to Club 77, a strip club on the city`s Main St., on Sept. 5. Her goal is to perform sex acts with 25 men in one evening. In exchange, she will receive a cheque from her employer, porn company AD4X, which is producing the event and plans to film the whole thing. The money would cover the costs of breast implants from a surgeon of her choice.

Barman has £5,000 plastic surgery at same hospital where girl told she can`t have treatment

Taxpayers have funded a £5,000 nosejobs for a man who wants to look like a TV star at the same hospital trust a five-year-old girl has been refused treatment. Meanwhile, five-year-old Kelli Smith`s family is facing the prospect of having to raise £500,000 so that she can have life-saving surgery for neuroblastoma - a deadly form of childhood cancer. Incredibly Mr Barton said that it was easy for him to get his plastic surgery on the NHS. Sam Barton, 22, now wants to have his ears pinned back and jaw reshaped to become "the perfect man".

TOWIE's Amy Childs campaigns for ban on teenage boob jobs

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs has revealed that she would like to see the age of consent for plastic surgery raised to 21. The model-turned-businesswoman had her first boob job when she was only 18, a decision which she says she now considers a “mistake”.

Aesthetic Medicine re-launches and announces new event in 2015

The original business-to-business magazine for aesthetic professionals, Aesthetic Medicine, returned this month. With its original editor Vicky Eldridge at the helm, the magazine brings the aesthetics industry in-depth news, reports and analysis, product and treatment reviews, business insight and clinical articles written by industry experts.

Dove Patches campaign: is beauty all in the mind?

In Dove`s latest ad campaign, real women test a `beauty patch` designed to increase their self esteem - but all is not as it seems. Billed by Dove as a `social experiment`, the ad shows several American women talking to psychologist Dr Ann Kearney-Cooke about their feelings of self-esteem. Like 80% of women (according to Dove research), all of the participants report anxiety about their looks, with one woman saying she avoids mirrors and another claiming her lack of self-esteem prevents her from approaching men.

Seoul to limit plastic surgery advertisements

The South Korean capital Seoul is to restrict the use of plastic surgery adverts on public transport, officials said Wednesday, after complaints that they were fuelling an unhealthy obsession with body image. South Korea, and particularly Seoul, has an international reputation for plastic surgery, and adverts featuring famous surgeons and giant before-and-after photos are omnipresent - on street billboards, subway trains, bus stops and the backs of bus seats.

India: `Will counter misleading cosmetic surgery ads`

Plastic surgeons expressed concern about misleading and unscientific advertisements regarding cosmetic surgery in the first ever three-day national conference on plastic surgery conducted by the Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in the city from Friday.

'I'd never have botox or use wrinkle cream' Mary Berry blasts anti-ageing treatments

Mary Berry has hit out at those who try to hid their age with the use of expensive beauty products or surgery. The TV chef - who was named Oldie of The Year at an awards ceremony in London this week - admitted that she would never dream of using Botox, and has never even dabbled in any face creams. The 78-year-old admitted that she "loves being an oldie" and it's how she thinks "we should all be."

C5 orders two plastic surgery specials from Transparent

Transparent TV, part of Argonon, has been commissioned by Channel 5 to make two hour-long specials following it's plastic surgery show Botched Up Bodies for the channel. Botched Up Abroad will look at Brits who pay for cosmetic surgery, as part of their holiday packages, and Botched Up Brides will look at operations that have gone wrong before the bride’s big day.

Apprentice winner Leah Totton opens first cosmetic surgery clinic

The first cosmetic skin clinic launched by last year’s winner of The Apprentice, in partnership with Lord Sugar, has opened its doors. Fancy a spot of 3D Lipomed to freeze those unwanted fat cells? Then Dr Leah Totton will see you now. The first cosmetic skin clinic launched by last year’s winner of The Apprentice, in partnership with Lord Sugar, has opened its doors.

NeoStrata® Skin Active `Best Cosmeceutical Range` at MyFaceMyBody Awards

Aesthetic Source is proud to announce that NeoStrata® Skin Active range won the Best Cosmeceutical Range at the MyFaceMyBody Awards. Aesthetic Source distributes NeoStrata® Skin Active in the UK and is delighted with the accolade that the innovative range has received.